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  1. Manny
  2. MOXF Series Music Production Synthesizers
  3. Tuesday, 11 April 2017
Hello experts, could you please help me figure out why my MOXF cannot read X3A files?

I understand from the documentation that Motif XF File formats are .X3A (ALL data) or .X3V (ALL VOICE) and MOXF File formats are .X6A (ALL data) or .X6V (ALL VOICE).
But also that X3A files can be loaded into the MOXF to expand the sounds.

When I try to load the expansion sounds like, Inspiration in a Flash, CP1, S90, etc, the workstation does not recognize them.
I tried changing the File TYPE to different settings but no joy. Only X4A files are recognized.

Thank you for your help!
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Bad Mister
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Not sure.
Try the MOXF versions of the data here
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Thank you Bad Mister!
I'm using those files, the workstation is just not finding them in the root directory or sub-folders.
Like I said, I tried all TYPE: All, AllVoice, 1BankVoice, Voice, 1BankPerform, Performance, AllArp, AllSong, Song, AllPattern, and Pattern. and nothing.

Could this be related to the USB media or Firmware version?

Thanks again!
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Bad Mister
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Did you unzip them?
You must unzip the download (on your computer) and then transfer just the .X6A file to the root directory of the USB stick.
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Yes, I did. Unzip them and added to the /root directory.
Only X4A are visible.
Bad Mister
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The .X6A file can only be loaded into a MOXF6 or MOXF8.
If you have a MOX6 or MOX8, it will not be able to see or load data for the MOXF - different Model. The "F" in the MOXF is for FLASH memory, which was a board you can insert to add new Waveforms and Samples thus extending the memory of the MOXF.

From your picture it appears to be that of a MOX screen. The MOXF screen would look different...
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I'm so sorry Mad Mister, you are absolutely right. For the longest time I was looking at the workstation wrong.
It is indeed a MOX8 not MOXF8.

So sorry for the confusion.
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