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  1. Tony
  2. Sherlock Holmes
  4. Tuesday, 04 August 2020
Hello. I would like everyone's input regarding the MIDI controller they use with their Motif Rack XS, specifically ones which support sending of SYSEX commands (such as toggling Layer Parts 1-4). I presently use an Arturia KeyLab 88 (older model), and believe that I've taken it as far as it can go with only CC commands. I've heard good things about using a Novation SL Zero MKii, as well as the Behringer BCR/BFR units as an add-on to my rig, but since my Arturua is getting old, I"m definitely in the market for a new controller, especially if it has 88 weighted keys like the Fatar. Of course, that significantly limits my options as many don't go past 61 keys!

One other suggestion that shows up is to buy a Motif XS7 or XS8 (or possibly even the MOXF7/8) to control the Rack XS. I am very much open to this, but would appreciate any input from those who have actually tried doing this in a live performance environment which is my primary situation.

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Not sure it you'd gone down the Mainstage / Gig Performer on Mac OS X or MIDI Designer / Touch OSC on iPad as a way to add the sysex commands.


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