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  4. Friday, 27 September 2019
I want to use an arpeggio along with a voice song mixing mode. So I go into SONG mode, and hit F2 (VOICE) and select PART 1. Then hit CATEGORY SEARCH, find BRASS, SOLO, hit enter and then select Tp Romantic Legato. The Tp Romantic Legato voice is in Part 1. But if I hit the ARP ON/OFF button, the arpeggio doesn't kick in as it does in VOICE mode.
The secret is that one has to hit ARP-EDIT and go to MAIN and change the "Switch" setting to "on". Then the ARP ON/OFF button does what it does in VOICE mode.

Why does the "Switch" setting in ARP-EDIT behave differently in VOICE and SONG-MIXING mode?

More importantly, I would have NEVER found this in the manual, I just luckily bumped into it! WHERE IS THIS IN THE MANUAL?

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Bad Mister
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Why does the "Switch" setting in ARP-EDIT behave differently in VOICE and SONG-MIXING mode?
In Voice Mode there is only one Voice and one Arpeggiator. When you place the Voice in a Part in a Song/Pattern Mixing, or in the Part of a Performance, there are two Arp Switches you must be concerned about. The Common Arp On/Off Switch which acts as the Master Switch, and each of the 4 Parts set to respond to one of the four Arpeggiators has an Arp Part On/Off Switch.

Any four Parts can have an Arpeggiator, each of these Arpeggiators has its own On/Off Switch. Make sense?
In Voice Mode On one Switch is necessary, in Performance, Song/Pattern modes there can be 4, count em, 4 Part Arpeggiator, each can be independently activated or deactivated.

So when you go to [ARP EDIT]
You will find on the tab marked [F1] COMMON the main On/Off Switch. If this Switch is Off, none of the four Part Arpeggiators will work... this is the Master On/Off Switch for the Arpeggiator Function. Switch it off and on, see the [ARP ON/OFF] buttons light go off and on. This is that parameter... it can be Store on a per program basis.

Then when you select any of the other tabs in [Arp Edit], you are looking a particular PART. In the upper left corner of the screen the currently selected Part 01-16 will be shown. When you press [F2] TYPE, [F3] MAIN, [F4] LIMIT, [F5] PLAY FX, [F6] OUT CH you will see these are setting for the individual Part shown in the upper left corner. Use the numbered buttons 1-16 to view the Arp Settings for each Part.

A maximum of four Parts can have their Switch On at any one time. If you can’t turn it On , it means four are already On.

MOXF Reference Manual (pdf).
Page 27-28 explains the Arp Edit function specifically for Voice Mode
Page 57-58 explains that the Arp function is the same in Perf Mode as was described on page 27 except for the [F1] COMMON parameter screen.
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