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  1. Rich
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  3. Saturday, 29 April 2017
I have the Sampler and the MFC10 setup on MIDI channel 1 and they are communicating.
What I am having trouble with is programing 1 midi note number to a button when I turn on Function Mode (or depressing the function button so red light is on)

For example I would like to setup button 1 to play Midi note number 107 which will play the sample from my sampler or the actual note on a Keyboard should I choose to plug that in.

I know it can do it but I guess I am just not getting it right.
It seems like some button are already set to play multiple notes (Chord)
Can anyone help ??

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Bad Mister
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Sending Note-On event from MFC10

Try this if you get stuck post back here.
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