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  1. James
  2. MOXF Series Music Production Synthesizers
  3. Monday, 01 December 2014
I'm using Cubase LE AI 7 with my MOXF8 and using the transport buttons on the MOXF8 to start/stop recording and playback.
My question is.. "is it possible to toggle the Monitor button on a Cubase track from the MOXF while in DAW remote mode?"
Thanks in advance
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Bad Mister
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Welcome to Yamaha Synth!

First, make sure you are running Cubase AI7 (not LE7) as an owner of a Yamaha MOXF8 you will want to use Cubase AI7 - "AI" stands for "Advanced Integration" - you earned the right to take advantage of this feature by virtue of owning a Yamaha product. The advanced integration is special features that Yamaha and Steinberg have arranged and you do not get these in the "LE" version.

Not sure of the question exactly. Because there are so many different scenarios that you could be thinking about. The condition and reaction of the (tan) Monitor speaker button is determined by how you have your Cubase "Preferences" set.

Go to Cubase > Preferences > VST
Here you can select the different Monitoring setups: Manual, Tape Machine style, While Record Enabled, While Record Running

You don't mention what type of condition you are under - but these Monitor options will probably solve your issue - and negate the need to assign a button to do this. When you *select* a Track your monitor situation should be as you require.

Please check out these options, and if they do not help - let us know a bit more about what you are attempting to accomplish.
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Thanks for your reply.

"While Record Running" seems to meet my requirement. I'm quite often keen to hear what I've recorded - but it's fiddly turning off monitor using the mouse.

The AI was the reason I chose the Yamaha over the roughly equivalent Korg - Loving it!!

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