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  1. John
  2. Sherlock Holmes
  4. Friday, 29 July 2016

This is what owners and potential buyers need more of.....much easier to grasp and comprehend!
English would help.

Bless, John
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Bad Mister
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John, the videos have been announced. You'll simply have to wait a little while for editing and posting. In the meantime, we have plenty of Application Guides (in English) right here on YamahaSynth.

Highly recommended tutorials: Getting Started with Montage: Programming Basics
Takes you through the Super Knob, Assignable Knobs, Morphing, Controller Assignments, Motion Sequencer, etc., etc., all with specific downloadable examples. Worth the time (reading) and effort (tweaking)... Importantly, it helps you learn navigation shortcuts, and introduces tips and tricks along the way.

Yes, the videos are coming! Thanks for your interest.
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Hi John, thank you for linking the video I done for my website Moessieurs.

French is my birth language, Moessieurs is a French Site partner of Yamaha Music France, so Moessieurs videos are in French.
Like most of Motif XF users ask me to add support in English (but after i record and publish most of my videos) , I have start this extra work on each video I done for the Karma Motif, the Reface DX and now for the Montage.

The last time I try to dub a video in English, I receive too much claim about my "French" accent that I decide to only subtitle ;)

Like you can see, it's not a pro video, and it take to me a long time to prepare, record, edit, assembly audio/video(s), subtitle ..... for a pro video it would take much MORE long time, be patient, like Phil say, it will come.

Take time to read the Getting Started with Montage, experiment your Montage, you will learn most of things by trying.

For Moessieurs I have write (in French of course) support for Motion Sequence, Envelope Follower, FM-X screen description ... by testing and reading manuals and i learn by this way.

But that's when I "report" my XF songs mixing for the band on Montage that I learn the best, not only by reporting but also by testing what is better to have more flexibility with Super, Knob, Scenes, SSS ..... taking advantage of Montage workflow and new functions/settings.

If it's not enought for you, you can also read the Yamaha Music Production guide, there is nice articles from Hans-Peter about the Montage.

There is also review and articles on Moessieurs, the google tool translator is not perfect but it can help you to understand the essential.

The first Moessieurs video give the basics to test a Montage :

A new video is on road, about choosing between Scene or SSS to change sound in a song (depend of the song you play of course, there is no general rule for this). I hope to release it next week.

Enjoy your Montage, take fun and play ;)
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Any Downloadable videos?
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Hello Andy.
There are several website that allow for free and online without software to download youtube videos :

Here is two of them :



Try, they work fine,
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A note of caution: free software may be a conduit for adware or malware. In the past, I know of at least one "free" YouTube downloader that carried along things you probably don't want.

As the saying goes, "When the service is free, the product is you."
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Does a series of Montage tutorial videos from Yamaha exist?
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Hi, i have group them on my site :

Phil Clendeninn videos :


Blake Angelos videos :


Tony Escueta videos :


Yamaha Europe videos :


Dr. Synth vidéos :


Heratch Touresian videos :


Michael Tan videos :


Mine Moessieurs videos, in French, subtitle in English :


Hope it's help.
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Michael wrote:

Does a series of Montage tutorial videos from Yamaha exist?

Michael...Yes, again the answer is YouTube. Do a search and you'll find them. Also a ton of great info in what Yamaha calls the 'Yamaha Minute'. (Again a search of YouTube and it'll come right up.) I see Joel (post above mine) has some great links for help also. Good luck!
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