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  4. Thursday, 10 November 2016
I know that Yamaha cannot authorize third party library reviews so I am putting in the disclaimer that this is our (users) personal reviews and not Yamaha's.

I thought it would be nice to start a thread where we can all share our thoughts on the third party Motif XF libraries that are for sale.

Now I do realize that not all libraries are to everyone's taste, and there is no scientific way to review them, but at least this could be a place for us to share our thoughts.

There are reviews on pretty much everything out there, except for these third party libraries.

As Bad Mister has pointed out, some libraries may work in some situations and not others, so once again, we can't get too deep into personal taste.

However, I do believe that since some of these libraries cost quite a bit of money, it would be nice for us to share our thoughts on the ones we did purchase. Let's face it, some may shine like a diamond and some may not. Perhaps they aren't meant to shine like a diamond, but I think my point is made. If an expensive library is not worth the money, people in these hard times can save some coin.

But, if there are "must have" libraries out there that everyone agrees on, perhaps this can push the programmers out there to create more diamond libraries. Blu-Rays cost a fraction of these libraries and they are criticized down to the pixel. Let's at least have a discussion on what we think about these Motif XF libraries.

I (and I hope many of you) look forward to what we all have to say.
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Is there nobody out there who has purchased third party libraries that would like to give their opinion of them?

I see that several people have viewed this thread, but nobody has given any reviews.

We can all benefit from hearing what people that have purchased these libraries let us know what they think of them in this thread.

Looking forward to hearing from all of you.
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Bad Mister
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Maybe it's really like Frank Zappa said, "Talking about music is like dancing about architecture".

Reviews, are so very personal without knowing the reviewer - they become almost trivial. Does the reviewer like the genre, if a genre specific library? It's like so much of today's 'post your opinion' stuff, you can spend time reading it and base your decision on someone else's opinion. Not always wise...

It's a "Do these shoes fit my feet?" question. Only the wearer themselves can know
"Will I like these sounds." How can anyone answer that for another, and especially an unknown person.

At best, hope that if something is a total ripoff that someone says something. Like charging hundreds of dollars for every sound, ever, on a DVD...
Most things that seem to good to be true, are.

Go by reputation. History... if a company has none, be weary. If you know the programmer's previous work, it's unlikely they'd fail at Montage sound design. Also it's early - only those with short attention spans are looking for more sounds already... as there are likely sounds they've yet to discover in the factory set. As time goes forward, expect more data.

Anything by Peter Krischker's Easy Sounds would come highly recommended as he was on the Montage voicing team and has a couple of years of Montage programming experience. (And as you probably know, there is no shortcut to experience!)
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Bad Mister,

So true, so true. I think I even mentioned in my post that these would only be people's opinions.

I was just hoping that, as you said, that if a volume is simply crummy, someone could share their thoughts about that here.

I am just curious about what people think about the various libraries out there, good, bad or otherwise.

And these libraries have been out there for a long time and searching the net, I can't find any reviews on them.

You did miss one point. I'm asking about (as this is the Motif section) about what people think about Motif XF libraries, not the Montage. :)
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Bad Mister
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Yes, I did miss the Motif XF - but the same stands for any and all keyboards and libraries. Trust in the programmer. Those that are known quantities appear on http://www.yamahamusicsoft.com
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Well about third party or creative motif xs xf sound libraries creators there are lots of suggestions . like the for most motif players very use full cover bands instruments cover sound sets libraries that are specially designen in motif xoa & x3a sound formats and ready to plug & play sound sets to store on a usb pen drive , and very handy for gigs players or and home studio yamaha motif players there are even complete Full mode sound sets versions that contains not only voice mode userbanks , but also multi performance mode presets and complete recorded multi track / multi sections -abcdefgh- pattern mode cover songs , so that you can mix -change -edit in pattern chain mix mode your own cover songs mixes , check in this soundcloud index some created motif xs xf moxf -xoa-x3a- cover sound sets sounds & recordings compilation demo's >> https://soundcloud.com/motifmoxsoundheaven
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Here are a few reviews from a new member of this site. I am an old guy who has plade in cover bands for many many years. I am absolutely no computer or Motif expert, so this is only comments on the sound content in several librarys I have purchased due to lace of programming skills.
K-sounds Epic grand: extremely good sound quality in the piano sounds. Very high differentiation betjene soft play and rock hammering. Very useful for various types of music. Also very useful performences with nice balancen layers. Difficult to load single voices and requires over 500mb on flash. They include a 126 MB version that I have not tested.
K-sounds Organimation: very good organ library. If you wish to use a separate out for a Leslie this is possibile via Master A4 if you load tha all file. This Way you can run your standard stereo out and directly out from separate out to Leslie with direct drawbar function. In the performance sectional there are some absolutely acceptable organ sounds that I have been running though a Neo Ventilator 2 with good results. You can have both installed, so you can use your ventilator if you have Leslie trouble.
Keyboard wawes Disco strings: the best strings I have ever used on stage. Very distinct sound and perfect falls. If you play 70 80'es covers this is really highly recommended. Easy to store single voices. Requires around 120mb.
Keyboard wawes clavinet D6. Rater new. I have not got it ydet but listen to the comparison with the Real deal on youtube. The best clavinet I have heart on Motif.
Easy Sounds Live instruments: a very useful Breda and butter library. Especially very good brass funk sounds that can be directly used without tweeking. For a cover band keyboard guy this is a good place to start. Them also have a simuler Stage and Studio with a very good performance with rhodes and brass. Also recommended.
Easy sound also have phat analog 1 and 2. I personalet prefer number 2 with more poly voices. If you are loosing for lheavy solo sounds number 1 is good.
Easy sound will for free send you the woobie doobie anniversary pack. There are very good dx and solo sounds on this one.
I do apologize for my english - I live in Denmark.
If you have recommendations for US non experts we will be happy to learn
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Thank you Christian for your reviews.
I know all reviews are to individual taste, but it is nice to hear what people think of these libraries.
Some of the libraries are very expensive and it is nice to see what people think of them. Heck, I read reviews before I buy a blu ray!
I've been interested in the full orchestra library, an acoustic/electric guitar library and some of the ones Christian mentions.
Since you can't just go into a store and try them out before buying, in the case of the orchestral library, sinking down $99 and hoping it is what you are looking for is a steep price. Granted they worked hard to create this library so they deserve the price they ask if it is a good library.
My soul purpose of this thread was for each of us to just share our thoughts on the libraries.
For instance, I have the XF Vintage Keys library and I swear I am playing some of my keyboards from the 70's. No new samples but excellent programming with the internal samples.
So, if anyone else has some reviews on libraries for the XF, this would be a nice forum to discuss them.
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Has anyone ponied up the $99 for the Complete Orchestra library for the Motif XF?

If so, how do you like it?
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