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  3. Friday, 04 June 2021
HI all
Hope someone can help me with this
I'm running a rig with a Nord stage 3 and a Modx
The Stage 3 is the master
I select the patch on the Nord which sets up a patch on the Modx
When i switch to the next patch in the song have all the Nord Midi section off so as not to send
The modx stays on the same patch as i want, but i get a blue flag in the MOdx Performance name and some settings in the MODX patch changes
ie volume changes
so i know blue flag indicates an unsaved edit in the patch, but all the external midi out of the nord is off

Any ideas out there please
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Its ok, I've sorted it, the Global midi channel on the Nord was set to channel one which was sending a midi signal to the MODx on Channel 1
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