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  1. daniel
  2. Soundmondo
  3. Friday, 15 January 2016
So I plug my CS in to the usb port on my mac mini.
I turn it on, and sign into the Soundmondo site.
The CS is shown as connected and the circle is green.
I click browse and find a sound I want to try.
I click sync.
my page refreshes to a page with blank fields labeled "Voice title" "Voice description" and tags etc.
However my CS is still simply making the sound my physical sliders are set to.

I've tried this several times on different days and I always get the same result.
I am using a mac mini running Yosemite with Chrome as my browser.
I was previously able to download and install the update for the looper and pitchbend with no problems at all.
It works fine on my ipad for storing and calling up patches.
It only doesn't work with soundmondo.
The only way I can get the sounds is by visually setting the sliders as they are in the photo.

Any ideas?
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Bad Mister
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Bummer! Let's try a few things. Okay downloading is not working. Have you tried to create a voice and post it? (you can mark it private just to test the communication).

I'm trying to get clarification on settings that can be made within your browser.

Rereading your post, we need to be clear on the issue... You, at first, say the issue is with your Mac Mini, Chrome and Soundmondo. Is that correct?

The iPad, as far as we know, cannot at this time run Chrome-Midi. That's known.
You should, however, be able to use Soundmondo on a Mac, it is only iOS devices that cannot run Chrome-Midi.
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Yes I am using my mac for soundmondo.
I only mention the ipad in reference to storing patches with the reface app. A separate thing to be sure, and I mention it only to point out that the CS itself is working with the usb interface. So lets put aside any future discussion of the ipad for the purposes of clarity.

I will try to upload a patch tomorrow and see what happens.
Thank you for the reply. Looking forward to working this out.
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I uploaded a sax sound, and once I did that, I am now able to down load sounds.
Thanks for the tip!
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