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  1. Tyron
  2. Sherlock Holmes The Voice
  4. Thursday, 07 July 2016
Hi There,

I would like to put a few questions to the forum

I have read the manual but don’t fully understand all of the information there.

I would like to use the Montage almost as a VST instrument and take advantage of the 16 outs. The problem is I don’t understand how to create separate Midi tracks in Cubase 8.5 that will receive the data. Can there please be simple screen shot tutorial taking us through the steps of setting up the Montage so that we are able to stream at least 8 tracks of separate Midi for individual instruments data.

It would be great if the screen shot tutorial:
• Adding each individual instrument performance by performance
• Also each Midi track in Cubase and the corresponding necessary routing
• Perhaps even how to set up and save a performance template (8 -16 performances MIDI/Audio).

Ps I hope I am not causing further confusion by using the term performance – what I actually mean is individual instrument tracks such as a sax, 808 drum , FM bass ect.

This is actually why I bought the synth and without the said functionality I am pretty much using the Montage as a midi controller for the time being. It sounds amazing and I can’t wait to unleash the beast.

Also I do not understand how to route an audio lane back into the Montage for processing e.g. using the Montage delay and reverb on a Solo sax loop. Could there be a screen shot tutorial that details processing audio using the Montage’s internal effects and how to set it up?

Could there also be a screen shot tutorial for automating the internal effects used to process external audio in Cubase such as automating the Montage’s delay on a drum track.

I have read the manual and I will reread again but the clear screen shots and explanations relating to the above will help a first time Yamaha user like myself begin to incorporate the Montage into a studio set up and not just gawp at how good it sounds in stand alone mode.

I know its asking a lot but if you don’t ask you don’t get and I am sure the above would also help a lot of new users.

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