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  1. Vincent
  2. MOXF Series Music Production Synthesizers
  3. Thursday, 17 July 2014
I would just like to say thanks for bringing this site back so we have a place to discuss issues and exchange ideas about our keyboards. And, on that note I ran the update on my MOXF8 today. I followed the instructions, did the backup to my thumb drive, did a Save ALL, ran the update, loaded my backup - all seemed to go well, but my favorites did not come back. Not a big deal, I'll just go through them again. There goes the weekend! Anyway, thanks for the website
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Bad Mister
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Thanks for the kind words - we have plans to make this the premier site for all things Yamaha synthesis.

Your "Favorites" are written to the MOXF8's internal Flash ROM (as System settings). So if you still have the ALL data file (.X6A), you can LOAD them back: set the FILE TYPE = ALL, highlight that File's Name and mark the box "with System" with an "X". This will ensure that your Favorites, be they Preset Voices or User Voices, will be restored. Also stored in the System Settings are all of your UTILITY mode settings, Sequencer Setup settings and the 32 Mix Templates.

Remember: When loading some one else's file, you would opt out on the "With System" setting. Unchecked the rest of the data can be loaded without altering those Favorites you selected, without changing your sequencer setup preferences and without disturbing your 32 Mix Templates (if you have created any).

Let us know.
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