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  4. Sunday, 07 February 2016
Is it possible to use assigneble pedal to tap tempo? I wpuld relly need it cause im using my hands to play live and can not use fingers for shift-enter/tap....
Or... A suggestion for next rom update. Maybe not so hard to make that function....
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Bad Mister
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There are external pedal solutions for controlling tempo (tap tempo) that work via the MIDI In. You can "Google": MIDI Tap Tempo
You'll come across options.

Currently, there is no way to enter tempo in real time other than the front panel's tap tempo routine. [SHIFT]+[ENTER]
What you are requesting is a common request from performing musicians, and is often discussed. I'm not that kind of engineer so I can't say how difficult or easy it would be to implement as a firmware update.

Just FYI on this subject, the new Montage is able to detect tempo (audio) and follow external tempo... This could be useful in situations where arps (and other tempo driven functions) are used along with the band. Anyway, it is something that is always being looked at by engineering. If a solution becomes available I'm sure they will put it in. Thanks for the question.
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Hi. Thanx for your reply.
I know how to do it using laptop but I want to gig without it.
Montage has it but I need the parterna sequencer thats not in the montage.
Combination of pattern seq and tap tempo woul be awsome.
Well. I can use an old drum machine but then its one More thing to Carey.
If moxf is softwarebased then It maybe possible. Crossing fingers. ☺
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