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  4. Thursday, 07 February 2019
A.J. Rafael & Friends took full advantage of the gear in the Yamaha Synth Space. Check it out!
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Who does need 4 keyboard players when one has a Montage 8?

The sound by Dom Sigalas https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=spbxB16_MzY
The score by Thiago Gomes https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7txwuCCuoEA
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Because it could get crowded around a Montage 8 to simultaneously play all of the parts live. The "score" you linked to (just a demo of the solo portion - maybe you meant "solo" not "score" ) has sequenced parts to cover what Thiago could not play live.

They probably could have wheeled in a fleet of Montages to cover the song - but part of the performance was to show the legacy along side the new products.

The idea in the video was, I imagine, to have zero sequenced / pre-recorded material. Or at least simulate what a live performance would look like without pre-recorded (pre-sequenced) material.

I also think with EQ and effects - you can probably take a recording of banging on different parts of an oven to cover the tune and it would still sound close to right. There are other videos out there like this. This wouldn't have featured the portfolio of Yamaha products through the years, however.
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I beg to differ. I'm just a huge fan of Montage and it's capabilities.
What Thiago is doing with 2 hands can be done with just 1. Leaving your left for the accompaniment.
He's playing the mallet with quarter chords. That can easily be programmed by copying the part and change the pitch.(see picture).
Than you still have parts left for adding flute, strings.
The layman audience will not hear the difference.
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That linked video has stuff playing when fingers are off the keyboard. It is not 100% live. Some is played by the keyboard. Some by the player.

Yamaha could have chosen to prove that one keyboardist on Montage could play "the same thing" -- and they could. Using ARPs, MIDI, etc. They didn't choose to do that. That wasn't the goal of the video.

I'm not saying it's not possible to do - I'm saying that was not the goal of the video. The goal was to show everything live played by fingers. And also to show the legacy of instruments including old and new. Not to exclude other ways to play this "same thing". Including using a Genos and styles to do much the same thing with even less fingers by a single person.
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Hi Jason. I understand your message and do not mean to disagree. Music is all about having a good time. And the guys in the video certainly do have that.
My only intention was to emphasize the power of Montage 8 by disclosing possible techniques like split-range and key-shift.

Yes, I am in favor of actual live playing. No backing tapes or styles. All with ones own fingers. That's the way my bands do it on stage. I do not settle for samples, lip-sync and backing tapes or accompaniment styles. Most of the time not even for arpeggio's. In that case hire a DJ. I prefer raw musicians. Where nowadays bands have multiple keyboard players I know that one (scene prepared) keyboardist can pretty much achieve the same, thanks to Montage. Piano, organ, strings, brass and synths all at the very same time using just 2 hands a foot and some extra midi-keyboards for the parts 9-16.

Just a huge fan.

PS: I use my Genos as a solo-instrument, not for it's styles. It is very accessible for fast switching and selecting individual instruments. Acoustic guitar, saxophone, whatever. It´s juts one button press away and has already been optimized for sound and effects where Montage requires a bit more preparation.
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