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  1. Lucho
  2. MONTAGE Series Synthesizers
  3. Sunday, 15 April 2018
I know you can make it follow the software's tempo, but is it possible to make it sync to the beat?
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Bad Mister
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Yes, but there is human factor involved here, that is critical to making the Arpeggio sync to the beat. Arpeggios require more than a On button or play button being engaged, they require a human to touch the keyboard (a specific Note and Velocity Range requirement must be met) at the appropriate moment to be musically appropriate.

In a “live” performing situation MONTAGE can derive clock tempo from an incoming source via the A/D Input. If you are endeavoring to use Arpeggiators or any automated tempo functions on stage, some “best practices” include the common sense reality that humans adjust to an automated device generating tempo better than a piece of technology adjusts to humans. And that when using any ‘conductor’ everyone needs to follow that conductor. You can plug your audio tempo source to the MONTAGE A/D Input; Set the MIDI SYNC = A/D Input

I’m not completely sure what you are attempting to accomplish... since you mention syncing Arps, you mention DAW, and you mention “live situations”... DAWs like to be the master clock, in most situations. So you would use it as your best clock source. Setting the MONTAGE to MIDI Sync = MIDI will ensure that your MONTAGE will reference the Tempo received from your DAW. This ensures that all tempo driven MONTAGE functions (Arps, Song Play/Rec, tempo driven Effects, tempo driven LFOs, Motion Sequences, etc) will Reference the external clock’s tempo. This does not relieve the musicians responsibility to “trigger” the keys on time. In other words, even when both clocks are synchronized and running, it is you, as musician, that determines where the downbeat is with Arpeggios. It is your triggering of the key that synchronizes the Arp ... if YOU miss the downbeat, late (for example) the entire Arp phrase is late, and remains offset, late.
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Great explanation, thanks!
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