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  4. Monday, 29 October 2018
The Yamaha MONTAGE uses sin()/cos() to create an arc pan so that the total volume remains at 1 (so at center each channel has roughly 70.7% volume).
I am trying to recreate some retro sounds that use the older and more efficient X-fade pan (so at center each channel has 50% volume), and things are not sounding right due to the large difference in volumes that panning can create.

Can the Yamaha MONTAGE be set to use X-fade panning?

L. Spiro
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The feature you're asking for isn't built in, but you can use control assignments to approximate this result. Setup two mono outputs that set to the L only or R only channels. Then use volume, and a curve with an assignable knob to act as your pan knob. Your curve can follow any pattern you wish in order to accomplish the result you're after.

I think this will be at the expense of polyphony (not certain, but think mono samples eat up the same polyphony as stereo even though polyphony is defined as a number of stereo samples). This may not matter if you're not dealing with a lot of elements.
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That’s a good idea but won’t be practical with the sheer number of samples to which I would have to apply it. The number of songs alone is over 2,000.

I couldn’t think of a way to approximate it with pan scaling or other pan features either.

Thank you,
L. Spiro
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