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  4. Friday, 06 September 2019
I have two questions regarding Moxf and Cubase that bugs me.

1: I only use a sustainpedal when recording. cubase records sustainpedal and also some sostenuto messages random from 1 to 40... Why? How?

2: I have sync set up to use arp record sometimes.
When recording non arp material, linear in cubase (daw-remote or not using daw-remote) the sustainpedal is resetted after every first bar of record.
With daw-remote Moxf play button counts on the 4 first bar of record and then it start light green and the sustain in cut off. Same if I disable sync in cubase.
Have upgraded both computer and cubase. Same problem.

Is it something about I'm having one bar precount in cubase and maybe moxf internal seq has 2 bars?

Im using Win 10 -64bit pro and Cubase elements 10.
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Bad Mister
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Is it something about I'm having one bar precount in cubase and maybe moxf internal seq has 2 bars?
No, when setup properly (Cubase being the Master MIDI clock), whatever pre-count you use in Cubase is all that matters. The MOXF should be set to be the Slave to Cubase, and it’s Sequencer will start only when Cubase sends the start command, it should stop whenever Cubase sends the stop command. If you have a pre-count set in Cubase, the MOXF will start only when that pre-count is complete, and the very first measure begins. Even if you are only using the MOXF *REMOTE* function to control the Cubase, the Cubase count-in will Control things.

If your setup is not correct, it probably is the cause of all of your issues. I highly recommend you review your entire MIDI Setup. Once you straighten that out, I would not be surprised if your other issue disappear as well.

Here is how: please review each setting...

To set Cubase as the Master clock... go to TRANSPORT on the Cubase menu bar > find PROJECT SYNCHRONIZATION SETUP...
TIMECODE SOURCE — “Internal TIMECODE” should be selected
Click on the “Destinations” tab
MIDI CLOCK DESTINATIONS — place a checkmark next to MOXF “Port 1” only
Click OK

To set your MOXF as the Slave to this clock... on the MOXF
Press [F6] MIDI
Press [SF3] SYNC
Set MIDI SYNC = auto
Set MIDI CLOCK = off
Set SEQ CTRL = in/out
Press [STORE] to write this to your MOXF’s internal memory

Sustain messages can be identified in Cubase as CONTROLLER 64
Sostenuto messages are identified as CONTROLLER 66

Do you have your Foot Switch programmed to be a Sostenuto Pedal? You don’t actually say... If yes, that would explain partially, the potential source of the messages. If the answer is, no, then the messages are appearing from one of two potential sources:
1) improper MIDI Port Setup (Remote commands need to be discreet)
2) another MIDI Device sending Controller 66 messages being merged on your MIDI input.

What to do
Verify your MIDI Port Setup

Here you will see your potential MIDI devices... find the column labeled: “In ‘All MIDI Inputs’”
What gets marked in this column is of utmost importance. Only the devices that you want to enter data onto your MIDI Tracks should be marked in this column
You will see the multiple Ports of the “Yamaha MOXF6/MOXF8”
You want to mark just Port 1 as shown below:

Next: On the left side of the screen above find the “Remote Devices” Folder
In the REMOTE DEVICE folder you will find the “Yamaha MOXF6/MOXF8” (if not, let us know)

Here is where the REMOTE CONTROL functions of the MOXF are configured. When you want to use the front panel of your MOXF to control your DAW, you have a REMOTE layer. You gain access to this layer by pressing the [DAW REMOTE] button (notice its particular background, white) - the entire front panel is now retasked as REMOTE CONTROL functions. The Knobs, the Function/SubFunction buttons under the screen, etc., are now retasked for controlling your software. This makes working - arming tracks, muting/soloing, rewinding, playing, recording, mixing, selecting VSTi's, editing VSTi's etc., etc., - much easier because you do not have to move from your position in front of your keyboard!

The ports for this REMOTE parameter should be set to "Yamaha MOXF6/MOXF8-2" (port 2) for both MIDI INPUT and MIDI OUTPUT.

If you, for example, have either of the above described Port setups with an error, it could explain strange behavior as MIDI messages not intended to be merged will cause erratic and strange behavior. Remote Control message must be isolated on Port 2 and kept discreet from your music performance messages which use Port 1. (We are assuming you are connected to your computer via USB...

We will continue as if you are using USB to communicate. And if not, let us know how you are communicating.
We also are assuming you are using the “Yamaha Steinberg USB Driver version 1.10.4 for Windows” as your Driver... if not, please let us know. You can verify whether or not you are:
On the left side of the screenshot above find the VST AUDIO SYSTEM folder... directly below that will be the device you are using to handle Audio into and out of Cubase. We, again, are assuming it is the Yamaha MOXF (if not, that also is important information to provide) — On a Windows computer it might just say “Yamaha Steinberg USB ASIO”. If you highlight that option, on the right side look for an option to view the Driver’s “Control Panel” ... its configuration will report on the Driver name and version number.

Let us know. To make your changes, if any are necessary, click APPLY, click OK

Before we look for any other potential causes, ensure the *proper* MIDI and Audio settings as outlined above.

Extra Credit:
If you are using a Yamaha FC3A as your Sustain pedal make sure your MOXF is set to the proper Sustain pedal mode for this pedal
If you are using a Yamaha FC4A as your Sustain pedal make sure your MOXF is set to the proper Sustain pedal mode for this pedal
Here’s how:
Press [UTILITY] > Press [F4] CTL ASN (Controller Assign) > Press [SF2] FT SW (Foot Switch)
Here is where you can set the Control Number for the Assignable Foot Switch (left side)
And you can select the appropriate Sustain Pedal mode for the type of pedal you are using on the right side of the screen.

Hope that checklist helps. Let us know.
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Hi BM.
I Will try in a couple of days and report back.
My sustainpedal is a on/off sustainpedal and connectwd to sustain and it is set as sustain.
My other pedal is not connectwd but its set to arp on/off.
Cubase recognize The sustain The right way but also random sostenuto and The strange sync error.
I Will try tonrecord with pedal disconnected and see if cubase Will recoed any sostenuto messages.
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Hi BM.

I have done some checking now several times.

Latest driver. Latest Firmware in MOXF. Tryed diffrent pedals.
Reinstalled Cubase compleatley.

Got the remote working now.

But when recording in cubase it records a cc64 Value 0 and a cc66 (sostenuto) value 0 at start of the second bar i record.
Annoying. Really annoying.

One workaround is to record 2-4 bars before I start playing.

But. Why a sostenuto? have a second pedal (controller) as expression and a pedal for arp on/off. Does not change if I disconnect them.

Is it some strange things going on in the remote? In the VST-editor?

Bad Mister
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Hi, again! We have some thoughts -after rereading your original posts...

Are you using the internal MOXF sequencer? If not, please set the SEQ CTRL = OFF. Found by going to the MOXF [UTILITY] > [F6] MIDI > [SF3] SYNC > set SEQ CTRL = OFF __ this will prevent the MOXF transport from starting and stopping after one measure ... by disabling it from paying attention (unnecessarily) to Cubase starting (since the MOXF Sequencer has no data in it, it will no longer play that one empty (default) measure.

If that doesn’t fix it ... please continue with this review:

Did you verify the “MIDI Port Setup”, you never responded?
Did you verify the “Remote Devices” is set to MOXF (Port 2)?
Did you fix the MIDI Clock issue? And the Count-in? You don’t say... the MOXF should not be counting in - especially if you are not using it. Set and verify that SEQ CTRL = OFF
Can you post a screenshot of your setup screens?
Are you seeing cc64 and cc66 messages? We assume those are what you are seeing...
What else is set as a MIDI INPUT Device - a Cubase track records all incoming MIDI unless you tell it not to pay attention to them.

The messages are coming from somewhere... you mention “remote” — do tell, what remote? How is it setup? The Remote data must be kept isolated on its own Port (port 2) or you will get all manner of random messages interfering with your recording. The more info you give the better chance of finding out what is entering these messages. Stop uninstalling and reinstalling things - this is not an installation issue, nor is it a firmware issue... it is an overlooked detail.

__ Recording Arpeggios to Cubase can be tricky. The MIDI routing must be done with great care. Because if your goal is document the Arp Phrase as Note data in Cubase, you must setup with LOCAL CONTROL = ON (necessary for your Key press to trigger the Arpeggiator). The Arpeggiator will then be able to analyze your input. “Arp Out” and a specific MIDI Channel, “Out Ch”, must be designated to send Out it’s Note data. And finally, when the Cubase MIDI track receives the data, the track’s MIDI OUT should be set to “Not Connected”. (This prevents the Track from retriggering the MOXF during the record process). Once you’ve recorded the Arp... then set the MIDI OUT to send the now recorded data back to MOXF on the channel of the Part you wish it to trigger.

__ Recording sustain pedal can, also, be tricky because if the pedal is pressed or released while Cubase is not recording the message never gets documented. Example, if your foot presses the sustain pedal before measure 1, beat 1 nothing is recorded for Sustain On (cc64 =127). Conversely, if you let off the pedal after record is stopped, that Sustain Off cc64 = 0 event is never documented. This can cause unexpected/inconsistent results.

__ Are you using a Yamaha FC3A or FC4A sustain pedal?

Let us know. Get back to us ...
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Thank you Bad Mister.
Midisetup and everything is as it should be.

Now i did as you said and chänged SEQ CTRL to OFF instead of in/out i think ut was.
I use a FC3 with half on.

Now it works. The remote works as I want. Have not recorded arp bit I dia before and ut works.
I have no sostenuto messages in cubase anymore and no cc#64 off at firat beat of every second recorded bar.

Now it works as I want it to do. Perfect! Thank you. ?
Bad Mister
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