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  1. Chris
  2. MOXF Series Music Production Synthesizers
  3. Friday, 17 August 2018
As a gigging musician I would appreciate a fast answer, because I have a gig later today. Apparently my sustain port is dying or dead. It is randomly sustaining or not responding to the sustain pedal at all. I have 3 working pedals and I tried all three (tried switch polarity too), I also even switched the patch chord. So to come up with a quick fix I'd like to assign the foot controller or the assignable FC to perform the sustain function.

Can someone answer me if this is possible? I looked through the manual and I couldn't find the answer.

Thanks so much!
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Bad Mister
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Hi Chris,
Sorry you are having issues with the Sustain function. Hopefully this will be helpful.
The dedicated Sustain Pedal jack accommodates two different types of momentary pedals.

The Polarity of Yamaha pedals is always the same. The two different types are those with TRS (tip-ring-sleeve) connectors, the FC3A type, and the TS (tip-sleeve) Type connector, FC4 or FC5 Type.

Reference Manual (page 146).

If your Pedal is not a Yamaha branded Pedal then you want to know that if it is a simple momentary on/off, (it will have just a TS jack), that’s the equivalent to the FC4/FC5 Type. Make sure your Sustain Pedal Setting is set to accommodate this type of pedal.

If your Pedal is not a Yamaha branded FC3A, which uses the TRS-type connector, and is TRS, then you want to ensure your Sustain Pedal setting reflects this type of connector.

Press [F4] CTL ASN (Controller Assign)
Press [SF2] FT SW (Foot Switch) and SustainPedal

When your Pedal is TRS and the “SustainPedal” is set to “FC3 Half On”... the pedal sends all values 0 through 127 to manipulate Half Damper Function... Acoustic Piano Voices programmed to respond will take advantage of this feature.
When your Pedal is TRS and this is set to “FC3 Half Off.. the pedal sends just 0 or 127... this makes it behave as a simple on/off momentary

When your Pedal has a TS connector please set this parameter to “FC4/FC5” Type.

Match the setting to the type pedal you are using and see if that makes a difference.
set not waste time with Polarity, it is fixed on Yamaha synths, so one way is correct, the other will always be wrong. .. just FYI.

Let us know.

If the dedicated Sustain jack has a physical issue, in a pinch you can reprogram the Assignable Foot Switch jack to be Sustain. Plug a TS-TYPE momentary pedal into the Assignable Foot Switch jack (it must be TS, it cannot be a TRS connector in this instance).

Set FS = 64 Sustain

That will get you through your gig.
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It's the sustain port that is not functioning, so the last part of your comment is what I will try. My pedal unit is a TS type. I'm sure that will work.
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Thanks using the assignable port worked. That will buy me time to either clean the sustain port (with a freon based cleaner) or possibly get it repaired.
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