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  4. Tuesday, 09 July 2019
I am using Cubase to look at SysEx messages generated by turning the Super Knob. A typical message is:

F0 43 10 7F 1C 02 30 48 00 nn F7

The nn seems to be the position of the Super Knob.

I went to look this up in the 2.5 Data List. The “address” is 30 48 00. The table entry for that address in the Data List says that address is Motion Seq Master Switch, not Super Knob.

Am I looking in the wrong place?

EDIT: I was looking in the wrong place. That isn’t a 48 there, it’s a 4B. So the address is 30 4B 00, which is Super Knob Value. The SysEx font in Cubase is pretty small on my monitor, and I mistook the B for an 8.
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PC: I usually use MIDI-OX to look at the bus. There's also MIDI Monitor plugins I use in Cubase. I only recently started looking at the SysEx output of Cubase just as a way to see what that experience was like - but the interface was sort of "wonky" how it displays - for my taste. The benefit is when you want to line up SysEx with other MIDI events - where Cubase's plots may be more organized than a traditional timestamp sorted list with all other MIDI events. For "what does this do?" work - MIDIOX is my go-to.

If you have a Mac or iOS - there's other MIDI monitor tools there.
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What Cubase MIDI monitor plugin(s) do you use? Is it this one?


Do you recommend anything in particular on iOS?
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I use midiscope for iOS it seems to have better filter capabilities than other free iOS apps.

I do not use the linked monitor (the MIDI monitor you provided a link for). Since I've only recently purchased the pro version and AI did not come with that.

What I do use, sometimes ... Filename with size:

1,573,376 midiMonitor.dll

Came from a file: midiMonitor_x64.zip (file size 698,502) and date of the dll inside the archive is 9/28/2011.

I don't use this plugin often since I find stand-alone tools easier to deal with generally.
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