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  3. Thursday, 24 December 2020
I recently entered the digital age with a bucket list synth/workstation. My wife got me the MODX7! I had thought this was a synth/workstation. Only to discover it doesn't have a true sequencer or sampler. I can deal with the lack with the amazing quality of the sound library. To make up for this I purchased Cubasis3 and the MD-BT01. Admittedly I am super new to MIDI programming. But this is beyond frustrating. I used to program PLCs for food automation. So I knew it would be a steep learning curve. But this is out of hand. I cannot find a simple thread or how to video on connecting my MODX and iPad using MIDI over Bluetooth with the MD-BT01. Every how to uses the camera adapter and usb out of the MODX with one exception. And that how to vid is completely useless for what I'm trying to do. I need just a simple step by step for using the MIDI in/out using the MD-BT01 and Cubasis3 on iPad. I'm sure one exists but I have yet to come across it. I tend to avoid most forums as they are the breeding ground for trolls and idiots. But I'm out of options and hope the community here is better than the rest of the online world. Musicians tend to be more open minded so fingers crossed. Any and all help would be appreciated.

Also-is there an issue with Yamahasynth.com and iPhones? I tried to use my phone for this but every time I clicked the sign in tab it did nothing. I could sign into Yamaha.com no problem but Yamahasynth did not work.

thanks in advance.
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Also-is there an issue with Yamahasynth.com and iPhones? I tried to use my phone for this but every time I clicked the sign in tab it did nothing. I could sign into Yamaha.com no problem but Yamahasynth did not work.

I've seen various apple product users voice some form of issue with the forum. I'm not sure troubles with the forum are unique to Apple products. Here, I've got a PC running Chrome. And every time I need to sign back into the forum (which is just about every day I go back to it) - the sign-in feature doesn't work right. And it did, at some point in the past, work much better.

Here's the dance I do to sign-in:

1) Press the "Sign In" (with a key icon) button in the upper-right of the web page
2) A "pop up" window shows up. I type in my username (email) and password then press the "Sign In." button
3) The pop-up goes away, but there's still a "Sign In" (with a key icon) button in the upper-right.
4) ... so I press that "Sign In" button and then I see the "My Account" and "Sign Out" buttons in the upper-right. A sign that I'm logged in finally
... however - I'm usually doing this to type a response. And at this point the message I'm responding to doesn't have an area where I can add my comments.
5) I refresh the page by going up to the URL line and pressing return there to refresh the page. I could have pressed F5 or the circular arrow icon in my browser that says "Reload" when I hover over it.
6) After the refresh/reload - now I can finally submit a response as after this dance - "I'm in".

Maybe your iPhone is similar in the forum issue with sign in. At one point in the past - you were able to sign in once and not have to refresh or do anything - and the system would indicate to you that you were in and would also allow for you - right then and there - add comments to the current message you were reading. It's probably been broken this way for 6 months or more.

... that's probably not your most pressing concern. How about that MODX?

I've got an iPad and a camera adapter and a Yamaha bluetooth/MIDI adapter. Unfortunately I cannot find the camera adapter so I ordered another one. Once that one comes in, I'll be able to help. I can say that I used the bluetooth adapter before and didn't have too hard of a time with it using the PC. I can't remember what I did or tried with the iPad. I do have Cubasis (although 2 not 3). So I can pretty much tackle all of this here.

... meanwhile, here's some general tips from the web:

The suggestion from Yamaha is to first manually connect the bluetooth adapter with iPad. There's a FAQ that mentions using an app that doesn't exist anymore. The key is, however, to have SOME app make this connection first. Something that's "good" at making bluetooth MIDI connections. This sets up the device so other apps that are not as well crafted for bluetooth MIDI can ride those coat-tails.

The net suggests using this app: https://apps.apple.com/us/app/midimittr/id925495245
(midimittr) to make that initial connection.

My source is here: https://forum.audiob.us/discussion/36241/how-to-get-ios-to-recognise-turn-on-yamaha-md-bt01

... despite the chances for the underbelly - there seems to be good stuff going on in forums. Just got to pick and choose.

This video doesn't seem to cover what you need: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xq9LxCKhoaI

This video is a bit more interesting: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-uj_n_rgSpI

This one is interesting - uses "MIDI Wrench" instead of the suggested "midimittr" to make the initial connection. I use MIDI Wrench myself. For a MIDI monitor - not used yet for bluetooth. Here's the link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uWP1iIcKZRI

... I guess it's worth mentioning to beware of firmware version 1.0.5. It seems to be a "bad build", so to speak. Lots of discussion about bricking devices and the like. A version was subsequently released that should have fixed that. Source:

Sorry for not having this delivered as requested - in a one-stop, one-link, 1-2-3 manner. I'd have boiled it down further if I had anything to test with right now.

BTW: I think the strategy for MODX and Montage was primarily that you'd use free Cubase (Mac or PC) to do heavy sequencing work "offline" and also do sampling "offline". The Montage got a no-cost version of "Sample Robot" to help fill in the void left between Motif and the current generation's sampling capabilities (or lack of). MODX should be able to purchase a license for Sample Robot or similar app for offline sampling features.

The choice was to focus more on the performance aspects of the keyboard and take away more of the traditional workstation features and move those to a computer instead. There's been some pushback so the sequencer has more going for it vs. the launch sequencer. But still, it's a subset of what once was in Motif. Still, there's enough meat on the bone at least to do some productive things without a computer to rough out something. Brain surgery still needs a computer, however.
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Another here with the same login problem when using Chrome and I've played with my extensions to see if one of those is the culprit, but no dice. I click the button to login, fill out the acct and pw and all it does is clear the login screen. My only workaround is to use another browser that is gets along with.
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Yamaha is bad at software design and implementation.

This goes all the way from their MotoGP prototype bikes, ridden by the most famous rider of all time (Valentino Rossi), wherein their entire riding team has been complaining about these software issues for half a decade.

This forum's login problems are just another indication of the developer decays going on at Yamaha.

The lack of even a primitive step recorder and any form of note/time representation on MODX/Montage are another.

Further, the constant passive aggressive defence of the software by Yamaha employees indicate it's all known.

Worse, they hide software suggestions pitching behind a bizarre mechanism that's largely opaque.

They know there's development issues in their staffing of software makers.

They'd prefer you not know they know they've got a shortfall of talent.

Steinberg and their Cubase offerings are owned by Yamaha. The products and websites are similarly blighted.

This wasn't always the case. Yamaha had some great developers in the early iPad era. Don't know where they went.


Software suggestions:

Reaper is 100% customisable, and you'll need to do 150% customisation to make it usable. It's flexible but more unintuitive than imaginable, out of the box.

Cakewalk is free, and intriguing, once again.

Logic is retarded by Apple's last 10 years of not having had Steve Jobs steering things. It has suffered regressions everywhere in usability and isn't fun

Fruity Loops has FAR AND AWAY the best MIDI editing. Which is the thing you'll probably be doing the most for your MODX/Montage creations. I suggest using this, despite its superficial candy store aesthetics, its MIDI tooling is in an entirely different class of usability. Not joyful, but far less painful than all other options.

Cubasis on the iPad is the easiest for recording. But it doesn't like being friendly with other apps and platforms. MIDI editing on a touchscreen should be a joy. In Cubasis it's TORTURE!

Many other little sequencer type apps on iPad are very good for driving the MODX/Montage, and much funner for MIDI editing than Cubasis.

THERE ARE NO PERFECT and FUN Solutions to the composition and recording problems of making music. It seems the ideas and implementations peaked in the late 80's on the Atari ST.
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