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  1. Harold
  2. MOXF Series Music Production Synthesizers
  3. Friday, 07 December 2018
For some reason when editing the Mixer Voice's Arpeggio Preset #s, the Voice will switch in the Mixer.
Sorry I am away from my hardware right now, or I would upload examples.
It will switch to another Preset Voice from a User Preset or even a Mixer Voice already saved,
when trying to change the Arpeggio Preset#.

Thank you
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Bad Mister
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Make sure (next time your at your instrument) that you haven’t set “Voice with Arp” to On. This feature automatically recalls a specific Voice when the Arpeggio phrase is selected. (Reference Manual Page 83)
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Awesome I can't wait to see... You're indeed a Bad Mister for such a quick response!

Cheers :)
Bad Mister
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There is another possibility, but we can’t be sure (you don’t say Song or Pattern mode ... if in Pattern Mixing, you record with a Voice assigned to the Part in question, the Sequencer will “memorize” that Voice in a special location. It actually writes the Voice selection, the volume, pan and Effect status, to a “header” (a location that will recall the initial information as it was when you first recorded data). You cannot simply change your selection, you must *rewrite* the Phrase header.

Are you in Pattern Mixing?
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