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  3. Tuesday, 26 July 2016
I'm using "Performances" as the place where I store the songs in the set list (User1 A01=Summer of '69; B03='Superstition' etc.). This seems like the best way to maintain a Set List in the MOX. (Open to suggestions if there is a better way).

However, when I install a new library of voices like the Vintage Keys set, my "Set List" of performances disappears. And if I reload my set list (I did do a back-up before installing), the newly installed voices vanish.

Can I have both User-Defined Performances (my set list) AND install extra voices?

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Bad Mister
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Can I have both User-Defined Performances (my set list) AND install extra voices?

You must spend time figuring out the Load TYPE options.
If you set the Load TYPE = "All" this is literally saying you will replace ALL user data with the data in this file. "All" means all.

If this is NOT what you want, adjust the Load option accordingly...

However, from an ALL data file .X6A in the MOXF, you can choose to load just a single Voice, just a single Performance, just a single Song, just a single Pattern, by setting the TYPE. You can load just a single bank of 128 Voices... You have the ability to "open" an ALL data file, select just the data you want to load, and target just the internal location you wish to overwrite.

For example, say you have an ALL data file .X6A and you wish to load a few Voices from that file - adding them to the data you already have loaded.
Press [FILE]
Press [F2] LOAD
Set the Load TYPE = voice
Highlight the file name, press Enter to open the file and see a list of the Voices Folders, User 1, User 2, User 3 and User Drum

Highlight the folder you wish to view, and press Enter... A list of Voices appears.
Scroll down and find the one you want to load

Move the cursor left and set the target location
Press [SF1] EXEC to execute the load.
Rinse and repeat.
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:D Wow! Thank you Bad Mister! That did the trick!

Rock on, bro!
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