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  4. Saturday, 05 December 2020
HI I would like to use my Montage as a system audio interface and be able to have the DAW be broadcast over streaming services like youtube or zoom. However no matter what setting I choose I cannot get the audio to broadcast. IT will work if I use other pc asio drivers like Fl asio or asio 4 all, but it will not work with the Steinberg driver and Montage. I checked and I can hear my pc playing audio through the Montage (I checked the system setting and its set to LINE 2 (MONTAGE). However no settings or combination of settings within DAW or streaming services will get the audio to broadcast to other devices. What gives?
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Let me clarify. Zoom allows us to share our screen and computer audio. I can select the Steinberg ASIO but it will not transmit sound to others even though Windows is using it as the system sound device. Im nto sure what else to select for Audio output other than my speakers to hear it on my end. But my audience cannot hear it over the stream. This problem does not occur using any other ASIO drivers or the Windows system audio.
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