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  4. Sunday, 15 August 2021
Not sure if the following behavior is a bug or just a consequence of how I have certain performances setup:

When switching from a performance while holding down a chord (or single note) in a Scene with Part 1 active and then switching to another Performance where the opening saved Scene has Part 1 set to Keyboard Control off, the notes do not sustain. However if I use the sustain pedal, the notes carry over and stop when I release the sustain.

Anybody have any thoughts?
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Bad Mister
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Not really enough information to say anything definitive — try making the Part 1 slot active and see if that fixes whatever you’re trying to accomplish. If yes, you might consider using the PART “Exchange” feature - which lets you simply swap places with any other Part (an active one).

If that doesn’t fix it, would you mind providing more details about your programming (so we don’t have to guess at what is going on). Thanks.

Extra Credit:
To Exchange the positions of any two Parts of a Performance: Select the first Part
Press [SHIFT] + [EDIT]
Move the cursor and activate “Exchange” (green is active)
Set the Parts to be swapped
Press [ENTER]
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