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  4. Sunday, 27 August 2017
Hi all,
I have one problem using the displays in Montage. If I walk through the navigation field on a lot of screens the Cursor buttons do not stop when I'm on the end of the left, right, up or down. In earlier days - as a example the SY99 - stop the navigation when the end left, right, up or down.
Is it posible to integrate that function again. I think sighted people will use the touch but we need a clear structure to know where we are.
I find this problem yesterday by running through some displays in edit mode (FMX).
I think a lot of the screens have that problem.
Help and making this happen will be welcome for us.
All the best
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Bad Mister
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I'm afraid we'll need a bit more information (than just how the SY99 worked... given that was 26 years ago, describing things in terms of how it worked may not translate to current engineering).

Can you be specific about what you are describing?
For example, a specific screen in the FM-X area where moving the cursor does not stop when moving up, down, left or right.
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Hi Bad Mister,
I will give You an example that I figure out with my sighted girlfriend.
First I bring up the FMX Iniitial Voice.
When pressing the Edit button.
To start I pres the Part 1 button following by OP1 button.
To be sure I'm right I press the Shift+A1 button. Now I'm save that I'm in the Freq Form screen.
I know that the first position of the cursor is the Attack in the first row.
When I press the left arrow button from the cursor buttons the cursor is going down one row. The same happend if You go to the of the first row that ends with the Skirt or the Res Meter it do the same but now on the right site.
It is a little bit tricky to work with screens like this one.
Now, I hope that You understand my problem. And this happens in a lot of screens.
I will check them out. But it needs a little bit of work. My girlfriend must tell me the first time I use the screens what is happen by go through the screen.
We have a lot of screens in front of us to make workable for me. But I think I'm on the right way.
I make for me a diagram for every screen, with every parameter and all the other things on the screen.
All the best
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