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  1. Rainer
  2. Sherlock Holmes The Voice
  4. Tuesday, 17 January 2017
Hello to the Yamaha-Guys,
here is an idea that will be helpful for blind an visually impaired users.
If it is possible we need a small output from the Montage through the USB to the Mac or Windows PC what kind of Button or field is now under the focus. The only change in the OS must be to have an output which button is under the focus. I will give an example:
In FMX You focus the Algorithm field so the speech outside in the MAC or Windows PC says Algorythm and the number like 3. When I change it it will say the changes like 4, 5 and so forth.
I hope You understand what I mean. And I think it is no long way to bring this into the OS and to Montage Connect. I know a lot of blind users and the Montage is good board to do that on. And if You put this feature to the Montage and the Montage Connect plugin, it will be helpful for us.
Montage Connect as the connecting Plugin can give out the information about the speakers with the speech engine.
The Native Instuments guys have made that for there Komplete series.
Any help from Yamaha will be welcome.
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