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  4. Saturday, 12 January 2019
I wrote some code that could be of use to Montage/MODX users. I just tried to post it here, and the site won't let me post it because it thinks that my post is spam. WTF, as they say.

What's going on? And how do I get my post past this spam filter?

It included a zip file, but that's supposed to be legal, right?
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Lots of things that are perfectly fine to say and do are flagged as spam. I've gotten bitten by this several times and have fed back that the spam filter is overly aggressive. That said, there have been several "episodes" of real spam attacks here that have polluted the message boards to the degree that they became unusable - so, unfortunately, something had to be done.

Another option may be to host your ZIP file on some more trusted sharing site and post the link. Or maybe - if there aren't too many files - to post the source on something like pastebin and post a series of links for each source file.

You can record your report about the spam filter not allowing you to post a valid post to the "site feedback" section and see if they (the site admins) can help. The feedback alone may help them.
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