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  1. Andy
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  4. Wednesday, 09 May 2018
I have an Irig Pro Duo which I am using as a MIDI interface for my Ipad Pro that has the Soundmondo Ipad app. My question is do I need to have both the MIDI in and out of my Montage connected to my Irig Pro Duo in order to transfer the performances from the Soundmondo site into my Montage? Thanks!
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Bad Mister
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The iPad running Soundmondo and MONTAGE work without the iRig Pro Duo (?) connected, so no, you do not have to have it connected. You need only connect the iPad w/Lightning to USB Connection Adapter to the “To Host” port of the MONTAGE, set to MIDI I/O = USB.

What are you trying to accomplish?
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I misinterpeted the instructions. I was under the impression that you had to use MIDI to transfer from the Soundmondo site into my Montage.Thanks again Bad Mister for your help!
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It is true that the protocol used is MIDI. The physical interface used should be USB for Soundmondo. Bluetooth may work too - but it's "hard enough" as it is at this stage of MIDI API maturity not to throw wireless at it.

MIDI over USB as opposed to MIDI over 5-pin DIN.
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