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  4. Wednesday, 10 June 2020
So when/if I edit/correct/modify more than 2 times this system goes into "Your content is spam" mode. I might have 20 tabs on my browser open researching stuff at any given moment. If I reboot so that I get out of the "spam mode" I loose all of those pages and have to reopen them all. Then I just leave this site because this is super annoying. I literally just corrected one misspelled word and it said that was spam and locked me out. Once locked out you can't even delete and reply again. Reloading the page and logging out and back in does nothing. Even clearing my browser does nothing either. This needs to be fixed.
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I see that too. Usually I can get rid of it by adding more text to the bottom - but sometimes that doesn't work. Sometimes the message board is complaining because there's too much whitespace after the last character - and deleting that whitespace fixes everything.

If I was in the middle of an edit and thought ending the session (or rebooting) would help - I'd copy the message in the OS's clipboard, open up a text editor, paste the message into the editor and save a local text file that saves my message on my machine. Then I could cut/paste from this later into a message here after a reboot/restart/exit-return to browser.

These more aggressive spam routines were put into place when the message board was routinely getting spammed to the brim. Even still, spam slips through.

It is annoying - but I do understand why it's there and have been able to clumsily deal with the filter.
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