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  1. Steven
  3. Monday, 18 March 2019

I am about to purchase a used Motif XF6 and will be importing lots of samples to the flash expansion boards, using the John Melas Waveform Editor. In the meantime I have some questions.

1. I'm building a few custom drum and percussion kits, and a few of these use velocity-switching cymbal hits, which allow me to, among other things, create cymbal rolls manually. I also have choke samples. Basically I want to map 2 keys as left and right open cymbal hits, and then have a choke key which would cut off the sustain. I know sounds can be assigned to alternate groups but it seems that all keys in a group would cut each other off. A real cymbal would not behave like this; if I hit it multiple times the previous notes do not cut off unless the cymbal is choked. Is it possible for me to set this up and if so, how?

2. I'm importing a Rhodes library which has multiple velocity layers (4 or 5 per note,) and release samples. Is there any advantage to creating multiple waveforms (I.E. one for each velocity layer) as opposed to having only two waveforms, one for all normal velocities and one for the releases?

3. I have read some complaints about the analog synth waveforms aliasing at higher octaves. If I recorded the raw waveforms in all octaves from an analog synth such as my Moog Subsequent37 and loaded these into the XF, would this be better than using the stock waves?

Any input is appreciated!
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