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  4. Wednesday, 04 September 2019
I have noticed when I play some factory MODX performances, there is like a kick drum sound being triggered.
Is there a way to get rid of that kick drum sound?

I have tried everything I could think of but I cannot figure it out.

It is probably something simple and something midi.

Many thanks for any info.
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Bad Mister
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I have noticed when I play some factory MODX performances,
We would be happy to help you but since there are 2,143 MODX Performances in the current Factory Set, and tons of things you could connect to Out via MIDI, we could just guess, but how about some specifics? Anything you can tell us might help.

If the question is “Can that happen?” Well, yes, it can.

Some likely causes:
Arpeggiator assigned to a Drum Kit, but you’ve stopped the Arp
Routing issue — you’re connected to a DAW that is echoing MIDI back to your synth. Some DAWs Receive all incoming channels, but then rechannelize all data back on a single MIDI Channel... because the MODX can send on multiple channels you have to have your DAW setup properly to have it behave.
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Thanks for the reply Bad Mister.

Even when MODX isn't hooked up to CUBASE daw, I still get this kick drum like sound.
Tried initializing the MODX System Initialize All Settings, but still I get the KICK sound.

An example performance that does this is Hot Corner.
If I hit a key fairly fast I can really hear it.
Its like my key presses are retriggering the drum arp.
Will look to see if there is something I missed in the arpeggio assignment of the drum kit.

Also, i will unhook my MODX cords and basically put the MODX back to factory and see if I still get the odd retriggering.
I wonder if this is just the way some performances are setup.
I doubt it, but I will post my findings tonight.

Thanks for your help.
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That's how "Hot Corner" is setup. You have options if you don't want the arpeggio to retrigger every time you start a new note (and there happens to be a bass drum on the downbeat of the one). You can turn off the PART ARP for PART 5 (the drums). From the home screen there's a square on PART 5 showing ARP is on - you can touch that to turn it off. Now the drums won't play at all.

Or you can touch PART 5 (from the home screen), choose edit, go to "Arpeggio" -> "Common" and change the Hold from OFF to ON. Now the drums will play once you strike a key and will continue to play when you let go. Allowing the full pattern to play. You may want to check "Loop" is set to ON for this same screen. I can't remember off the top of my head.

It's so much easier to reproduce results when a factory preset is given, as you did in your last post.

To break down what you're hearing with Hot Corner:

Part 5 is your drum PART. It's labeled as such. Part 5 has an arpeggio setup. The Performance has master arpeggio set to ON and Part 5's ARP is set to ON. Therefore, when you strike keys that match the PART 5 Arpeggio limits (velocity/note) - the arpeggio will be triggered (started). How the arpeggio proceeds is part of the setup in PART 5's Arpeggio menus (Common, Advanced, etc). Some of the key settings for the arpeggio would be the hold mode (if it "plays itself" when you let go of keys - assuming gated and not latched ARP). Gated means with Hold=OFF that YOU have to hold down keys to make the arpeggio continue to play through its cycle(s). Latched means you can press a key which starts the arpeggio - the arpeggio will "run" on its own - until you press another key which will stop the arpeggio. This is sort of like having hold=ON that you can turn to OFF by pressing another key.

This Performance is set to Hold=OFF meaning that when you let go of the keys - the arpeggio will stop. And it will go back to the beginning when you press any other key. So you hear the bass drum thud which is the start of this arpeggio pattern.

Note that Hold = Sync-OFF will act like OFF except when you let go of a key, the arpeggio will silently continue to go through its loop. When you press another key, the arpeggio will pick up wherever it is in its silent play and start sounding as long as you hold a piano key down.

You'll want to go through the arpeggio tutorials so you can understand what they are and how they work.
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Thanks for the reply Jason.

I kind of thought that some of the performances were setup to trigger that way, but wasn't sure.
Thanks for letting me know.
Now I know it isn't user error or malfunctioning MODX.

I will study yours and Bad Misters reply as well as study up on MODX arp tutorials.

Many thanks for all your help.

You and Bad Mister are most excellent teachers.
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Bad Mister
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A couple of things to add:

On the HOME screen you can switch any Part from “Arp Off” (grey) to “Arp On” (blue) by touching the Part’s Arp box. A shortcut to flip it to “Arp Hold” (amber) is to Hold [SHIFT] + touch the Part Arp box.

Also on this particular Performance, “Hot Corner” if you exceed a Velocity of 64 you will trigger the Accent, which in this case includes the Kick Drum. Different “Accents” can be triggered, it depends on the Arp Type (sometimes it’s a Kick and Crash)

From the HOME screen:
Press [EDIT]
Touch “Arpeggio” > “Advanced” > you’ll see the “Vel Threshold” = 64
This means anytime you exceed a Velocity of 64 while the Arp is running, you will trigger the Accent Phrase... in this case it triggers a Kick Drum.

In the Data List book the Arpeggio List has a column “Accent” — sure enough, Arp #8404 contains an Accent (so do the other Arps assigned to the Drum Kit).
You can set that to any value between Off, 1-127.
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The kick sound is removed.
what you said about the hold being on,
and Bad Mister what you said about the Vel Threshold needing adjusted lower.

These two things connected the dots for me.

I also tried it on other performances that had that kick like drum thing and it worked on them too.
This is awesome.
I got MODX and CUBASE ready to go.
All that's left to do now is start making music.

Thank you both for all the great help you have given me and the knowledge I have gained from it.

Patrick Arend. :D
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