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  1. Ruud
  2. CP Series Stage Pianos
  3. Wednesday, 18 September 2019
Still waiting for the september firmware update, I've created some new Live Set Sounds for CP88/CP73 and put them on Soundmondo for all to enjoy:


New Live Set Sounds including:

Two Live Set Sounds I used in my live gig this weekend:

- Rhodes78 Ballad
- DX7 Ballad

Organ sounds:

- Perc Organ (Hammond with percussion)
- Church Organ (3 layers)
- Chapel Organ (using the 3 sections as organ stops: Flute 8', Flute 4' and Flute 2')

Guitar sounds:

- Steel Guitar
- Clean El Guitar

Synth sounds:

- Jump Brass (Van Halen)
- Rendez-Vous 2 (JM Jarre)
- R67 BladeRunner (Vangelis)
- Angel Choir
- Analog Echo
- Delay LoopSamp! (create repeating loops, thats fun!)


- Yamaha C7 Warm
- Clavi Wah Ped (Wah effect using foot controller)
- DX7 Woody
- DX7 Woody Flow

See more details on each sound at the Soundmondo website.

Please tell me if you like them :)
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i don't know if this is the right page for a question,

but i would like to know if you can assign a pedal to change the rotary speed of the leslie for the organ section.

Robbert Lans
The netherlands
  1. more than a month ago
  2. CP Series Stage Pianos
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Hello Robbert,

When the Rotary effect is activated in the Sub section, you can switch the speed of this effect between "Slow" and "Fast" in several ways:

A. Using the MOD-lever on the left side of the keyboard (will always work!)

B. Using a Foot Controller, connected to the Foot Controller 1 or 2 connection (when set in a Live Set Sound, see below)

C. Using a Foot Switch, connected to the Foot Switch Assignable connection (when set in the Global Parameter, see below)

To activate B:
Push [SETTINGS], select 'Controllers' - 'FC1 Assign' ( or 'FC2 Assign' ) - select number 76 ('S: Effect Speed') - [ENTER]
Store this in a Live Set Sound using [STORE].
Each Live Set Sound can have different settings on these parameters.

To activate C:
Push [MENU], select 'General' - 'Keyboard/Pedal' - 'Foot Switch Assign; - select number 76 ('S: Effect Speed') - [ENTER]
This is a global setting, so this will affect all Live Set Sounds (and will only work on Live Sets with an activated Rotary effect in the Sub section).
Every time you press the foot switch it will change the speed (like a 'toggle switch'), so you do not have to keep pressing it down (like when using other values on this pedal).

Of course the Rotary effect Depth-dial has to be set on a value greater then zero to hear the effect. :)

For me method A and B are more convenient to use, because for playing classical piano pieces I've permanently set the Assignable Foot Switch to '67: Soft', and prefer to use a second Foot Controller to control the speed of the Rotary effect on organs, and also to control with this Foot Controller a lot of other parameters in Live Set Sounds, like Sub Section Volume, etc.

The Netherlands
  1. more than a month ago
  2. CP Series Stage Pianos
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I would like to check your sounds with my new CP73.
I use Google Chrome on a PC. And I can browse your sounds for PC73, and my CP73 ist "connected".
But if I press SYNC, nothing happens.

Do I have to Change the configuration of CP73?

Thanks and Regards
  1. more than a month ago
  2. CP Series Stage Pianos
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