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  1. Rainer
  2. Sherlock Holmes The Voice
  4. Saturday, 02 July 2016
Hi to all of the Yamaha guys,
here are some ideas to make the Montage mor accessible for us:
1. First thing is the USB-keyboard to put in names and so forth.
2. I think it is a good idea to have all key presse come out of the USB to host an the actual focus parameter or the menu items in the left of the screen. And a small App for Apple iPhone and iPad giving the responce with the speech of Voice Over the special integrated software from Apple so blind users can use Aplle products well. That will be a great chance to use all functions as a blind user in this beast.
Thinking about this is the point that Native Instruments work hard, to make their products accessible for us.
This idea result comes with the information from Bad Mister that there is no announce of a VST plug in editor yet.
I hope that small thing can be done for us. It is not difficult to do that.
A lot of blind users will be glad to have chance to use this thing with all functions.
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Hi again,
by working through the first exercise from Hnas-Peters article in the Music Production Guide 4 Part 1 of the Quick Guide I want to copy and paste Live Sets. And here is the first thing that is absolutly not accessible for blind users. I do not find any Shortcuts to copy or paste or delete a Live Set.
Here is my idea. Please put in the following Shortcuts.
from left to right
delete SHIFT+B1
That is very useful for us.
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