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  1. Christian
  2. MONTAGE Series Synthesizers
  3. Wednesday, 31 May 2017
Hi I cant set up my montage with pro tools. I can record individual tracks as audio but not MIDI. The tutorial on youtube for Cubase setup give some general ideas but its very different in Pro Tools and I think there are more Pro tools users than Cubase.
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Bad Mister
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Hi Christian,
Where are you getting stuck? We can refer you to some very basic steps to get setup to record MIDI on whatever DAW you choose to use. What you do on the Montage side will be consistent:

From the PERFORMANCE (Home) screen
Select "INIT"


Select "Multi/GM"


One instrument sound is placed in each of the 16 slots of the multi-timbal setup. Each Part is set to receive on its corresponding Channel number, 1-16.

POWER TIP: When working in a Multi/GM setup where there is a PART in each slot, turn the "KBD CTRL" icon OFF for each Part - this will allow you to address just the currently selected Montage Part. You can press the [PART CONTROL] button (right side top row).
When [PART CONTROL] is lit on the front panel, the first two rows of eight buttons become PART SELECT [1]-[16]. You will use these to select the PART you are communicating with currently.


Populating the Band
You can now use the PART-Category Search to select an instrument for each slot
You can activate a Part Search by either:
_ touch the "Type/Name" box in the screen; a pop-in menu with "Search" appears

"Part 1 Category Search" will appear on the top line of the screen and you can begin to populate your ensemble in this fashion.
Select an instrument for each Part - in a similar fashion to how you setup and recorded with Motif.

Above is the Montage digital mixer giving an overview of a typical 16-Part multi setup. When you collect your 16 instrument Parts, you can full edit and customize them for this Performance program. When you store this Performance your edits to each of the 16 Parts are stored in this Performance. Be sure to NAME it and STORE it as a new USER PERFORMANCE.

Each Part has a 3-band EQ (pre the Insert Effects) each Part has two Insert Effects, (including the AD Input Part), each Part has a 2-band EQ (post the Insert Effects), each Part has two Sends to the System Effects (Reverb, Variation)

Touch "Settings" > "Quick Setup"
Touch "MIDI Rec on DAW" to select this setup template.
This will take care of the critical settings for when you are recording MIDI to your DAW: Local Control = OFF, Arp Out = OFF, Clock, etc
(The three Quick Setups are customizable, but the default configuration will get you started)

Send MIDI CLOCK from your DAW to "Montage Port 1" (we assume you have the "Yamaha Steinberg USB Driver" appropriate for your computer type and operating system) if not let us know... the MIDI Record on DAW "Quick Setup" template sets the Montage to slave to standard MIDI clock.

Hopefully the above will get you started. If you have other specific questions about setup or configuring your specific system, please post back here with details (while I'm not a Pro Tools expert, I have worked with it enough to know the fundamental settings)...

Montage has some capabilities that extend farther than you may have been used to; Montage can be configured, for example, to control and perform on as many as eight separate Parts, simultaneously. This requires a different workflow, as you might anticipate. If your idea is to capture Montage performing multiple Parts - It is also completely recordable via MIDI.... or via Audio! It is going to be a different workflow. But the above should get you going with the basic recording setup on the Montage-side.

If you have specific question on Pro Tools setup, you can post them here but I am no Pro Tools expert... but we can point you in the right direction.
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Setting up the montage

First I want to know if on peripherals I should add the montage in the MIDI Controllers tab as M-Audio keyboard or as HUI. Then if I should enable the MIDI machine control as slave or master. Then on the Audio MIDI Setup on the MIDI Studio window I can See the montage but I dont know if I have to do something here or just leave it as is.

Recording the montage

In Pro tools as far as I know in order to record either audio or MIDI you have to create either an Audio track, Instrument track or a MIDI track. and When I record for example the DJ Montage preset in an AUDIO track it will record when I move the superknob and switch between scenes however I cant edit the individual element that make that scene in this SINGLE audio track.

If I record it as an Instrument track which can be stereo I can se the MIDI data but the track is grayed out and cant replay

When I record it on a MIDI track I loose several elements on certain scenes of the DJ Montage for example the "drums" and its only mono

My montage 8 is running the Firmware Version 1.51.1 My mac has both the Montage Connect and Steinberg Installed Im using Pro Tools 12.7.1.

My montage is connected via USB to my mac and the Audio outputs are connected to my Focusrite Scarlett 6i6 for monitoring going out my HS8's
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Some basic setup:

This guy shows HUI.


This previous message has the same device and more specifics:


There are lots of options for capturing MIDI - including how arpeggios are rendered. Not having Pro-Tools myself to give a great rundown - I'll leave it to others to clarify.
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Hola! gracias por este gran foro. Alguien puede dar el mapeo para reasignarle los sonidos del Montage a una midi ya asignada con sonidos?
y por ultimo, alguien sabe si Montage tiene Gm2 o Xg? gracias.
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Hello! thanks for this great forum. Can someone give the mapping to reassign the sounds of the Montage to a midi already assigned with sounds?
And finally, does anyone know if Montage has Gm2 or Xg? Thank you.

Montage doesn't have true XG or GM. There is a bank of sounds that are used to emulate general MIDI. If you send MSB/LSB of 0/0 for MIDI channels 1-9, and 11-16 - then send an MSB/LSB of 127/0 on MIDI channel 10 - then Montage should be setup to play most files out there that use PC (program change) as the method of selecting sounds. Since this discussion is about Pro-Tools, and perhaps your question is in that context, you can setup the default bank for each track as outlined. Subsequent program changes will be done in the context of GM-style sounds.
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Bad Mister
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Select “Init”
Touch “Multi/GM”

This places the MONTAGE in a setup that is its equivalent to the basic GM RESET.
Sending it an XG/GM File from this “Multi/GM” Setup is all you need do.

The MONTAGE is not strictly speaking XG/GM compatible, so results may sound very different, but at least the correct instrument will be selected by the Program Changes.
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