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  1. Tomáš
  2. YC61 Stage Keyboard
  3. Tuesday, 15 September 2020
Hi, does anybody know, if there is a chance to set the rotary speaker slow/fast with the assigneable footswitch as momentary? Down fast - Up Slow...?
If not, I would appreciate this function to be added with the next update. Or the possibility to set the rotary as momentary together with the sustain pedal. I like to turn the rotor fast when my foot is on the pedal and slow when my foot is off the pedal. Thanks for your advice.
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It appears this cannot be done currently. The rotary on/off button on the YC only responds to CC85 which requires separate presses for on and off. Funny, I set up a B3 VST controlled by the YC and assigned the rotary on/off for the VST to CC64 which is sustain and it worked the way you would like it to. I would suggest you go to IdeaScale and either post an idea for this and/or upvote the already posted idea in the YC section for footswitch assignment flexibility and add a comment that this is an additional function you would like to see.
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