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  3. Friday, 10 July 2020
Hi there,

I have a Reface CS (it's great!) but on this occassion I'm trying to use it in a MIDI setup and I'm not sure what I'm trying to do is possible. I'm trying to play sounds from a tone bank from a sequencer using the CS in the middle so I can use the pitch bend.

1) I connect a midi sequencer to the MIDI IN on the CS, this works as expected, the sequenced notes play out on the CS
2) I connect a midi tone bank to the MIDI OUT on the CS, hoping that the sequenced notes will then trigger tones on the tone bank but this doesn't happen. If I press keys on the CS manually, it does play tones from the tone bank.

It feels like the MIDI IN is doing just that, it plays the CS but won't go any further. I'm using channel 1 everywhere. I've tried turning 'local control' and 'midi control' on/off but it doesn't seem to help, maybe I'm doing something wrong.

The reason I'm not going from the sequencer direct to the tone bank is because I'd like to use the CS's pitch bend control, neither the sequencer or tone bank have that facility.

Any help greatly received!
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Bad Mister
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By definition, MIDI OUT will output MIDI data generated by the device in question.
The MIDI OUT jack on the refaceCS is no different. It sends OUT data generated by the reface CS.

By definition, data arriving at a device’s MIDI IN will typically be used by the device itself.

In order to trigger your “midi tone bank” with your sequencer you need to connect the MIDI OUT of the sequencer to the MIDI IN of that device.

If the refaceCS had a MIDI THRU Jack (by definition this is an additional MIDI port that allows incoming signal to be passed through the device and travel on to the next device in the chain. Unfortunately, for what you want to accomplish, the refaceCS does not have a THRU port.

Alternative solutions are:
Connect the sequencer directly to both devices. You say you want to use the refaceCS”s PB control, most pro sequencers allow you to re-route incoming MIDI signal from one device and allow you to trigger any other connected devices.

For example, Cubase running on a computer, or tablet, would address both devices directly, all routing of signals would take place in the sequencer software. Meaning you would send PB messages into the sequencer, and the sequencer would route that signal back to the refaceCS, or on to the other tone generator device or you could route the signal to both devices.

You don’t mention what your particular sequencer is...nor do you mention how you are connected. The refaceCS has both standard 5-pin MIDI IN/OUT and USB-MIDI IN/OUT (for use with a “Host” device, computer/tablet)
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