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  1. Jens
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  3. Saturday, 30 May 2020
I would like to be able to start, stop and rec enable the Montage sequencer through midi. I have a Keith McMillen 12 Step foot controller, and it would be an improved workflow to use the feet to control the sequencer and let the hands play. I have the foot switch set to play/stop already, but the rec enable requires hand interaction. I looked at the midi specification but did not find anything suitable.
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The only transport controls I see specifically referenced are start and stop. There's a way to filter transmit or/and receive of these. This feature was available before PORT-2 DAW remote features were added - so it's likely these can come in through PORT-1 which would generally be easier to deal with when using external gear.

That doesn't help you with record, however.

I looked through the new features document and see, in DAW mode, the facility to assign buttons to record enable using the NUMBER C [1]-[8] buttons. But that's not what you want.
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Bad Mister
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In order to place the sequencer into record, you must directly press a button on the MONTAGE front panel.
Press Record — You will be placed into a blank sequencer location, and are placed in Rec Standby.
From this condition you can use standard MIDI commands for transport control.

If it receives a Play message while Record Standby is active, it will enter record

Also the Record Rehearse function is activated by directly tapping the Rec button while the instrument is in Record.
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