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  4. Thursday, 12 September 2019
Hi there. Can you please help me how to convert MSB,LSB,Program number to Hexadecimal (Sys Ex)?
I need to send it thru iPad (Set List Maker), to control Montage and MainStage.
The chart in the data list doesn't work properly. (Maybe I don't understand it properly).
Thanks in advance!! :D :D
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You do not understand the information properly.

What are you trying to do? Just pick one specific action and we can walk you through it.

That said - when you say "MSB LSB Program Number" - this triad of values is typically not sent through SysEx - but through CC in order to change a single PART or the entire Performance (multi PART). If this is what you're trying to do - change your Performance (or an individual PART) - then this is not done with SysEx. This is done through two different message types - Control Change and Program Change.

Control Change:

0xBn 0x00 <MSB>
0xBn 0x20 <LSB>

Program Change:

0xCn <ProgramNumber>

Remember that keyboard docs often document Program Numbers starting at "1" (1-128) while the hex value starts at "0" (0-127) - so you often have to offset the Program Number by 1 (subtract 1 from a 1-based value).

The "n" is the MIDI channel number. This matters if you're sending single-PART changes. The "n" needs to be the PART number (subtracted by 1). 0=PART1, 1=PART2, 2=PART3, ... 9=PART10, A=PART11, ... F=PART16

Remember, this is hex so values A-F are valid digits.

0xC0 <ProgramNumber> would change the Program Number (Program Change) to PART 1 since 0xCn has n=0 (PART1).

Multi-PART changes would swap out the entire Performance. In this case, the PART should just be set to PART1 (n=0 no matter what).
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Thank you very much for the detailed reply.
You are the best!!!
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Bad Mister
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Please see the following article: Setting up MONTAGE with MainStage
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