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  1. Urs
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  3. Tuesday, 13 August 2019
I would like MODX sends various midi prog.change on different MIDI channels to external gear when select a song in set list mode.
How to do that?
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Bad Mister
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You do this with the “Zone Master” Function. When activated, each Performance can contain information for your connected external devices.

[UTILITY] > “Settings” > “Advanced”
Set the ZONE MASTER = On
This adds two screens of settings to each Part of the Performance. “Zone Settings” (shown below) and “Zone Transmit”.
An internal MODX Part must occupy a slot for it to be used. If you wish to use the slot to transmit Out only, Set INT SW = Off.
Each Part slot can be used to play an internal instrument sound or, by turning the “INT SW” = OFF, you can designate a “Transmit Channel” for that Part to Transmit Out. You can choose any Channel 1-16

Please see page 71-74 of the MODX Reference Manual for the “Zone Settings” and “Zone Transmit” screen explanation.
In short, these settings allow you determine exactly what gets transmitted Out via MIDI.

The following article, written for MONTAGE, applies in full to the MODX, answers the most frequently asked questions concerning the Zone Master function.

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Thanks, very helpful!
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