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  3. Friday, 16 June 2017
Hola a todos. He leído que el secuenciador de el Tyros 5 es menos completo que el secuenciador del Motif XF. Alguien me puede explicar si éso es verdad y cuáles son las diferencias entre el secuenciador de el Tyros y el secuenciador de el Motif XF? Muchas gracias.
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Bad Mister
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Google Translation:
Hello everyone. I have read that the sequencer of the Tyros 5 is less complete than the Motif XF sequencer. Can someone explain to me if that is true and what are the differences between the sequencer of the Tyros and the sequencer of the Motif XF? Thank you very much.
Technically, speaking the Tyros 5 has a SONG RECORDER, while the Motif XF has a SEQUENCER.

A "SONG RECORDER" as found in the Tyros 5 is designed to record all 16 Tracks at once.
A "SEQUENCER" as found in the Motif XF is designed to record tracks in 'sequence' one-after-the-other.

When performing on the Tyros 5, you have a dedicated track for each of the 16 sounds you are controlling...
Right 1 - Track 1
Right 2 - Track 2
Right 3 - Track 3
Lefthand - Track 4
4 Multi Pads - Tracks 5-8
Accompaniment 9-16
Percussion on 9, Drums on 10, Bass on 11, Rhythmic Chordal on 12, and so on...

When you place the Tyros Song Recorder in record each of the 16 Tracks is set to record the real time data generated by you interacting with the engine. It can capture both your direct play and the output of the selected STYLE data - each to a predetermined dedicated Track.

The Motif XF has a traditional SEQUENCER, where, for the most Part, you lay down one track at a time, building up to a multi track recording. You are overdubbing one track at a time...

That said, you can record one-track-at-a-time on the Tyros, and you can record multiple Tracks on the XF, it is just that the Tyros was mainly designed to record the entire Song at once, and Motif XF was mainly designed to record one-at-a-time, in sequence. Each can do a variation of what the other does, but an Arranger Workstation is very different in focus from a Music Production Workstation,

In the Tyros, the accompaniment data is mostly already done and assembled, you Control when it plays, you document Section changes, fill-ins, breaks, etc.
In the XF, you are creating the majority of the data yourself. The difference is significant!

Hope that helps.
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Muchas gracias Bad Mister. Siempre son de gran ayuda sus respuestas.
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