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  1. Gabi
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  4. Tuesday, 11 December 2018
how many here have a dedicated computer for montage and music production only? I have 2 pcs and was going to switch from the old one to the faster one, but now I wonder if I should not make the faster one stricly a music and video production machine and use the old one for surfing.
will this be of any andvantage? will I get less computer issues?
the drawback is 2 machines standing around here and having to swicth keyboard and mouse between the two, and also use some HDMI switch for the monitor.
the advantage might be no distraction from facebook etc while recording music.
what do you think? how is your setup?
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You can get a KVM (keyboard mouse video) switch or purchase a 2nd set of mouse/keyboard to avoid plugging and unplugging. I've got a laptop I use the dedicated keyboard and then another computer I have a wireless keyboard with built-in trackpad for the mouse.

I do not use this - but my monitor has multiple HDMI inputs so I would use the input selector (can be changed with remote) to switch between computers. I do not use this because the laptop has its own screen and the monitor is dedicated for the 2nd machine.

The only notifications I have setup on any computer are my emails. No social media site emails me. I think you can turn off notifications for facebook or anything else if you want to become less distracted. Probably your phone and echo dot and whatever else you have (hyperbole) are all buzzing and beeping in unison so not sure the computer needs notifications or not. Or... you can use a dedicated machine like you're planning without social media apps/notifications installed.
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I guess I´ll do it that way. The homerecording pc will be a lot faster without anything else installed. and yes, indeed, the monitor has 3 hdmi inputs :-)
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