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  4. Thursday, 28 March 2019
Is there a way to see a list of all the posts I've left? I found where I can see ones I had created as a new topic, but I'm looking to include ones I've written as replies to other people's topics.
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When you are logged in if you click on your name within any post you will see the following options along the left side of the screen.
- Questions
- Assigned
- Replies

Click "Replies" and you'll see the comment's you've made on other posts. Hope this helps.

Have a great day!

Amy - Community Coordinator
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Thank you, I never would have found that! Related questions:

* Is there any way to search all my content (posts/replies) for certain words? (Or to come at it from the other angle, search for posts/replies that include certain words where one of those words is my user name)?

* Is there any way to receive an email notification when someone posts a new reply to a thread that I either started or posted in? Ideally, something I could turn on on a per-topic basis? I see that pages have a "subscribe via RSS" option, but not email. Everyone uses email, I haven't heard of many people using RSS since the days we were using Usenet newsgroups! ;-)
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The most straight forward way for me is to use a search engine like google. Yamahasynth was, at one time, very well indexed. Since the site has changed its structural links a few times - the search engines are having a harder time updating the database or "trusting" the site's integrity. Still, it's "OK".

site:yamahasynth.com "AnotherScott" montage scene

The downside is that this doesn't search for your own messages containing "scene" - just that the thread had some mention of "scene" somewhere in the message.
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