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  1. Bo Bjerre
  2. MOTIF Series
  3. Monday, 27 August 2018
For nearly every tune we play in my band I use pattern mode. (saved in Master)
I have layered patches and divided them into different areas of the keyboard.

Suddenly at rehearsal and at a gig this last week, I get screechy sounds. Seems when the motif has been turned on for some time (maybe over an hour or so)
At this point mainly when hitting the to keys C# and E. (at the same time)
It is so strange, feels like torture!
Any ideas from you motif-people :-)
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Bad Mister
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Make sure you have nothing connected to the XF (A/D Input, via MIDI, via FW, via Ethernet)... if there are no external connections...
Although your description does not include on which sound this occurs... is it just one or all sound. Is it just one C# and E, or all of them...

If you can’t determine what’s the cause:
Authorized Service Center... if you need help in locating one, let us know.
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