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  4. Tuesday, 30 October 2018
#thebrackett is back! Check it out!
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I haven't had any success getting these sounds to work on the MODX. I can see the list of voices but most of them don't appear to play any sound? Anyone else having trouble? I downloaded the X3A file, I've tried loading it as both a library file and a user file but it appears something is missing. For example the voice "Robot Panic Attack" just shows an acoustic piano voice but does not sound anything.
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For whatever reason “the bracket” set the sounds to “Arp Play Only” but there are no Arps assigned/provided.
“Arp Play Only” is a feature that prevents anything but the Arpeggiator to “play” the Part. In other words, it prevents direct key presses from triggering the Part. Typically, used to allow only drum kits to play from the Arpeggiator while occupying keys you play normally. Drums will not sound from key presses when Arp is stopped.

The “Arp Play Only” parameter is found on the MODX:
From the HOME screen
Move the cursor down to select “Part 1”
Press [EDIT]
“Edit - Part1 - Common” appears
Touch “Arpeggio” > “Common”
Set “Arp Play Only” = Off
If you have loaded this Bank to User, press [STORE] to update (correct) the data.

Extra Credit:
Shortcut: you can bypass the Arpeggiators entirely — Hold [SHIFT] + [ARP ON/OFF], the Arp On/Off button will flash while Arps are bypassed. Bypassing the Arps overrides the “Arp Play Only” setting and allows you to play them normally.
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I haven't tried loading these yet except on the PC Motif XF editor to quickly see what this Motif XF Voice is about.

Robot Panic Attack
Number of elements: 5
Element 1 = Custom Sample #10 (0-coast galaxy)
Element 2 = Custom Sample #11 (0-coast comet)
Element 3 = Custom Sample #3 (Micro Brute)
Element 4 = Custom Sample #6 (Juno Rez Noise Decay)
Element 5 = Custom Sample #11 (0-coast comet)
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If anyone figures out how to get these working for the Yamaha MODX please do share!

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Please see my post above.
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Thanks Bad Mister, I didn't put 2 and 2 together!
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