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  1. Tom
  2. Sherlock Holmes
  4. Saturday, 25 June 2016
I just bought a Montage and want to do the same thing that someone was requesting - change Scenes with a foot pedal.
One response in this forum was that "you don't need that".
I have an OASYS and use a foot switch to change scenes. It is useful. It is a choice in Global settings. So, Korg thought it as important enough to offer 10 years ago.
Are we sure that the Montage can't do the same?
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Yamaha is sort of good at telling you "you don't need that" instead of providing it. Beating the competition should be the ultimate goal and in that process the customer is made very happy, Yamaha makes more money etc. It's almost like a liberal approach that we don't want to be too strong or make this synth too good so we'll compromise (I get this feeling because there's not anything Yamaha can't do or figure out). Some of it is intentional being reserved for the next generation. It's just a synthesizer, so make it the greatest ever but at least they made a major change with Montage. Some of the customer requests seem easy enough especially if some design engineer figured out the technology 10-20 years ago. These systems are not rocket science. Some issues I hope will be updated with various OS releases. Hopefully the potential for upgrading has a high ceiling. The reception/perception of the Montage has not been received without its criticism but since I've nearly owned every Yamaha product made I have earned the right to complain. Now for the good comment about Montage, it's the best, not perfect but the best and getting better. It's a ton of fun for me but I also don't have any really technical needs for it. I hope everyone else gets what they need out of it eventually.
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