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  4. Friday, 28 June 2019
With help from this forum I can now save performances and songs,
but I tried to save a performance/song with the rhythm pattern and the rhythm pattern isn't showing up/playing back in the song.
Probably something simple i missed.

Many thanks for any info.
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Bad Mister
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Probably something simple i missed.
Yes. Since you are still referring to it as “the Rhythm Pattern” means that you don’t understand this feature as way to select and assign a Drum Kit and Arpeggios to your Performance.

The Sequencer is referred to as a “Performance Recorder”, it is likely that after setting up the Rhythm Pattern,... selecting a Kit and Arpeggios you didn’t [STORE] them to your Performance. After you do that, the Drum Kit and Arpeggios will be apart of the Performance that is linked to the Song.
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Oh happy day!:D :D :D

I get it now.

I was unknowingly trying to save a preset performance and rhythm pattern and song but I didn't save my preset performance as a user performance first.
and as you said, I missed the store button to save the performance as a user performance in my steps.
I tested and redid everything by creating five user performances with rhythm pattern stored in user performances in utility.

Then In performance recorder, I created five individual songs after naming them,
I made sure the correct user version of the preset performance was in the performance name pane.
I recorded a song..
Pressed the store song and perf tab.

All five little song test played back perfectly when I loaded them in the performance recorder.

All my knob movements and controllers and scenes and super knob rhythm pattern/drums,everything.

I really love the sequencer/performance recorder on the MODX.

I can now easily get inspiration song ideas down fast and then transfer them over to Cubase for completion.

Thanks Bad Mister.

You are most excellent teacher.
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Bad Mister
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Excellent... you’re quite welcome!
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