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  1. Aldo
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  4. Thursday, 10 October 2019
I think that something is not really clear to me

I know that when I create a new performance this is saved in the user area in montage

If I do a pattern is saved in the pattern directory inside the montage

But, how can I transfer all this data on a USB memory device?

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Patterns are MIDI data and can be used to construct tracks for a Song;

(As another option you can export data from the Pattern Sequencer to a .mid and transfer your data in this fashion). Each SCENE must be exported as a separate .MID File to a USB stick.

I don't have a picture of how that's done - it's not in the tutorial referenced.

... but the new features document shows it's the Pattern Overview screen needed to do this. Enter a second "tutorial":


... really, I'm just looking for the overview screen ...

See "Save As .mid file". Also see the scene # in this picture is "Scene 1". When you "Save As .mid file" - you save the currently selected scene. This is what was referenced in the other tutorial "Each SCENE must be exported as a separate .MID File to a USB stick."
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I solved the problem

Saving the user data automatically I save also the pattern, songs and so on

My mistake was during the LOAD operation, I missed to search for the right type pattern&performance

Thx for the additional information you posted above
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