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  1. Lucho
  2. MONTAGE Series Synthesizers
  3. Tuesday, 28 August 2018
Hello, I was wondering if it's possible to sample a VST or AU using SampleRobot and the Montage through USB connection.

I tried to do it through Logic Pro X using the following settings:

Audio In device: Soundflower
Midi out device: Montage port 1, Ch 1.

In Logic, the audio out is routed to Soundflower as well.

If I physically play the keyboard, I can hear the actual keyboard sound and see the VST sound being "activated" through the level meters in both Logic and SampleRobot.
But if I click on the keyboard in the SampleRobot, I can hear the keyboard sound being triggered but nothing happens with the VST.

There's probably something wrong with my MIDI routing, because either:

-The midi signal from SampleRobot is received by the Montage but it doesn't go out back to the computer.
-The midi signal from SampleRobot is received by the Montage, it does go out but it's not being received by Logic.
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When you send MIDI to Montage's MIDI-IN port, do you ever see MIDI echo back out Montage's MIDI-OUT port? This is what you seem to expect.

Even though Montage is your audio interface - your VST MIDI chain doesn't have to go through Montage - does it? Cannot you address your VST through a MIDI port more directly associated with the VST?

On the PC (I don't have a Mac) I could assign a VST to a virtual MIDI input port (software MIDI port) then setup SampleRobot (or anything else) to target the same Port.

If I really had to have Montage echo back MIDI I sent to it, I could send MIDI to Montage-3 (port 3) and then connect a MIDI cable between MIDI out and MIDI in (5-pin DIN connectors) in which case any MIDI I sent out the MIDI out port would echo back to the MIDI IN port on Montage-3.
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Virtual Midi was the thing I was looking for, thank you!
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