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  4. Saturday, 15 September 2018
why is everbody here saying that sample robot is only for win 10? I just installed on win 7 no problems. where exactly does it say that it´s not for win 7?
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I cannot answer for others, but I'll still try. The latest OS is Windows 10 - which is likely to be the development and test environment for software companies releasing stuff these days. Although I don't really know - it's reasonable to think that software companies may advertise compatibility with Windows 10 and not mention other earlier versions. This may cause some doubt in customers who assume the ambiguity means no support without trying - or otherwise have a less-than-warm-fuzzy. They may not want to hassle with something that hasn't received enough test time for the manufacturer to advertise compatibility for their older OS version.

However, trailblazers who mention that they've installed this software on some older version of the OS helps to inform the skeptics (btw: there's nothing wrong with these folks - there's perfectly valid reason not to want to be the guinea pig) and also help round-out the OS testplan that was truncated by the original manufacturer.

... that's a generic description which doesn't really speak to Samplerobot.

This page of Samplerobot: http://samplerobot.com/funktionalitaet.htm

Clearly shows Windows 7 Compatibility:

Windows 10 / 8 / 7 Compatibility

The page isn't updated to include the Montage version -- but it's all the same stuff. I think it's safe to assume there's no compatibility difference using the Montage version vs. the others listed.

... so I was a bit confused by the assumptions aired earlier. Maybe someone will chime in if there's a buried feature which has issue in Win 7.
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yes, quite a few people here have said that they couldn´t install it on win 7. so I didn´t even bother. but now I tried just to make sure it really doesn´t work and it worked without any error messages. weird. and of course, I´m very happy they were all wrong.
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Note that people had problems installing on Windows 10 even - there was a bug which has been since corrected.

I even ran into the bug - but feedback (on this forum) from the Samplerobot team helped me fool the installer to get around the issue.

What probably happened was that Win 7 folks ran into the same issue - assumed the worst (their OS) and created a false narrative. Maybe not - it's difficult to keep track. "Try it and see" is usually the best policy since not trying has a predictably negative outcome.
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Bad Mister
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It’s partially a ‘human nature’ thing to blame the firmware, the software, the operating system or the nearest weather formation when something does not work. Remember, read the requirements for yourself. And just because you see a few people having issues - remember most people posting on forums ‘have issues’ - so it’s impossible to know if it is the exception or the rule. It sort of like, you’ll find mostly sick or ill people in the hospital emergency room. But you would draw wrong conclusions trying to base anything on who shows up there.

Out of 10 people, how many can download, unzip, install drivers and successfully launch and configure any program?
If you think all 10, then you need to do Customer Support duty for a week (lol).... there will always be several who cannot. Funny thing is, you can know what your doing, and you could have done it successfully hundreds of times, but sooner or later, even the experienced computer User winds up being the one that needs help. It’s the nature of computers in these ‘early days’ of computers.

This does not mean that on the computer program side of things, there are not issues, because every computer is a snowflake. And you don’t know what someone has on that computer or doesn’t have on that computer. It’s why we can’t really troubleshoot computers on a forum like this...
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yes Bad Mister, but there was a thread about sample robot here recently where only 1 person said it works with win 7 against a majority who said it doesn´t, same on the facebook group, everybody there said it´s not compatible with win 7...so I believed the majority. but ok, since it was a bug that explains things. must have been quite a bug. glad it´s working now.
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