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  1. Kris
  2. MONTAGE Series Synthesizers
  3. Sunday, 24 May 2020
Is there a way to get a sample-and-hold random pitch effect with a Montage? And if so, how? Appreciate any hints! :)
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Bad Mister
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Set the Part LFO to S/H1, S/H2 or you can create your own User LFO

From the HOME screen
Select the Part you want to work with
Press [EDIT] to view Part Edit parameters
Touch “Mod/Control” > “Part LFO”

Here you can set “LFO WAVE” = S/H1, S/H2 or User (create your own)
Here you can Sync it with Tempo, if you so desire, and you can set the behavior (once, loop, fade in, fade out, hold, etc)
Set the phase (on an AWM2 Part you can set the Phase per Element) and assign this LFO to three Destinations... with varying Depths.

For an example, see Performance “Sample&HoldVintage”
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Thanks Bad Mister!
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