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  4. Monday, 27 February 2017
Just a thought about something I could use: a Reface XG.
A Reface family member with XG voice ROM, 16-part multitimbral, decent polyphony. Combine this with the reface portable form factor, the small but very playable keyboard, the USB/MIDI interface. Now that would be a nice songwriters tool, when connected to a computer or tablet. It would be a new generation of the CBXK1XG
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Yeah that would be awesome! I currently own a CBX K1XG and like its sounds and playability. But an upgrade would be welcome. If it includes the 16 part multitimbrality and usb midi/audio interface (core midi/class compliant) this would be a killer unit I'd buy in an instant! Please Yamaha, make this!!
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